Product Focus: Eyebrow Creams

product focus eyebrow creams

Whether it’s Cara Delevingne’s bushy brows or Instagram’s wavy eyebrow trend, eyebrows have dominated the make-up world for the last few seasons. However, unless you have perfect natural brows (and if you do, we’re all jealous), getting your eyebrows ‘on-fleek’ takes a little bit of care. In a world filled with eyebrow pencils, gels, and everything in between, finding the best product can be challenging. That’s why we at MUD engineered our line of Eyebrow Creams.

The unique formula fits into MUD’s Refillable 1″ Eye Compact, Universal Palette, or any MUD Palette that contains a well for eye products. Unlike some other eyebrow products, these Eyebrow Creams won’t dry out if exposed to air, they don’t require an air-tight seal. In fact, we love our eyebrow creams so much that we engineered a special brush just for this product. The #220 Brush comes with an ultra-sharp, short angled brush on one end and a spoolie on the other for your on-the-go convenience. This allows you to articulate perfect, hair-like strokes with even more precision than an angled eyeliner brush.

To use MUD’s eyebrow cream, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Brush up the brows with a spoolie so that you expose any sparse areas and can see the natural direction of the eyebrow hairs.

Step 2. Look directly in the mirror and use your unique eye shape to find the ideal position for the brows. First, align the inner corner of the brow with your tear duct. Next, the center and arch of the brow should fall in line with the outer edge of your iris. Last, the second half of the eyebrow should be as long as the distance between the inner corner of the brow and the arch, so that the eyebrows are balanced and even.

Step 3. Dip the angled end of your #220 brush in the cream, swiping both sides of the brush so as to create a sharp tip. Following the natural direction of your eyebrow hairs, apply the cream in short strokes throughout the brow.

PRO TIP: For more dimension, use two shades of the eyebrow cream, filling in the general shape of the brow with the lighter color and adding in the darker color from the arch through the end of the brow.

Step 4. Brush the brows into place with a little bit of MUD’s brow fix for a finished look!

Get the Look with MUD: Oscar Night 2014

The 2014 Academy Awards Show last night was very entertaining. Our favorite moments were: 1. Jared Leto‘s and Lupita Nyong’o‘s acceptance speeches. 2. Ellen ordering pizza and Brad Pitt having a slice (why not, he chipped in with a hefty tip!) 3. Witnessing “the most tweeted celebrity pic ever” happen live (2.9 retweets thus far) 4. Watching Adruitha Lee and Robin Mathews win for Make-up and Hairstyling 5. And, last, but not least, indulging in red carpet glamour! To keep the Oscar vibe alive, we chose three looks that you can recreate with MUD.

Margot Robbie: Sexy and Powerful

Brow: Margot’s brow is powerful and absolutely stunning.  To recreate this brow, use MUD’s 210 Brush to neatly shape, and fill using  MUD’s eye color in Espresso.

Eyes: Enhance the lashes by using  MUD’s eyelash curler on the natural lash, then follow up by applying  MUD’s Volumizing Mascara.

Cheek: Lightly load MUD’s 700 brush with Berry cheek color and apply a dust of color to create a slight contour and apply just a dab of color on the apples of the cheek.

Lips: Line the lips with Mauve Lip Liner and lightly fill in the lip. Top with MUD’s sheer lipstick in Eggplant. (The mauve liner is perfect to deepen reds and purples.)

 Jennifer Lawrence: Sweet and Youthful

Although Jennifer’s make-up is soft and subtle, her slight feline flick gives her make-up that youthful pop.

Brow: Use MUD’s Browfix gel to keep the brow looking natural, but groomed.

Eyes: Apply a soft dusting of MUD’s eye color in Pixie with the 320 brush. Use MUD’s Cake Liner in Black with MUD’s angled liner #210 brush

Cheek: Apply MUD’s Cheek Color in Soft Peach using the 710 brush in soft, upward strokes starting from apple of the cheek toward the ear.

Lips: Mix MUD’s lip colors in Just Peachy and Pink twinkle and apply with lip brush #310.

Kerry Washington: Classic Beauty

Brow: Kerry’s brows are just slightly filled in, but kept very natural. Use brow brush 210 and lightly follow the shape of the natural brow with eye color espresso.

Eyes: Strip of lashes = instant glamour. For a classic glamour eye, use MUD’s Eyelash strip #107 then apply just a bit of mascara using MUD’s Mini Mascara Fan Brush. The Fan brush lets you get to the root of the lash and glide upward without pulling the strip. Apply liner on the upper lash line using MUD’s Cake Liner in Black and MUD’s #100 Eyeliner brush to achieve a precise, clean line.

Lips: Kerry’s lips are bold and beautiful. As we mentioned above, MUD’s Mauve lip pencil can be used to deepen reds and purples. Use Mauve Lip Pencil to softly line and fill in the lips. Apply MUD’s lip color in Blackberry with the 310 lip brush.

For more tutorials, visit our Youtube page.

Industry Speaks: Sean Conklin

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Face Charts

Make-up Designory’s Lead Make-up Artist Sean Conklin was this week’s Industry Speaks presenter. His presentation on “Face Charts” was so thorough, we thought we’d recap it all in detail for you.

MUD’s face charts were designed with textured paper to hold make-up beautifully. The “tooth” of the paper is what holds the pigment, leaving a smooth surface.

Before you get started, you may want to reference sample tear sheets for highlights and shadows to aid in creating a beautiful face chart. First, determine what undertone and shade to start with. The base looks much darker on paper than on the skin, so choose a lighter color, but stay in the same undertone. Use a small area on the lower side of the face chart for your color swatches. Once you find the perfect color(s), load Brush 350 and apply around the eye area of the face chart. Be sure to blend away from the eye to achieve a smooth surface. Blend the base out before reloading the brush. Apply the base directly under and above the eye brows and blend outward.

Next, follow the perimeter of the lips and blend outward. For the larger areas like the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin, fill in from the outer perimeter and work your way in until the entire face is based out. Dust lightly with a Loose Powder and Brush 700. Use the Taupe Eye Color and Brush 800 to add dimension to the forehead, cheekbones, jaw line, and chin. To create a bridge on the nose, you might choose a smaller brush, like the 300.

For the eyes, fill in the eye brows with your desired color and brush 210 to frame the eye area. Begin the eye color treatment with a highlight, usually on the lid and brow bone with Brush 300. Next, apply the shadow in the crease with Brush 300 for preciseness or Brush 810 for a natural well blended application. Sometimes a mix of both tools is beneficial. Brush 800 is perfect for maximum blending. If the design calls for it, use the same technique for the lower lid. Lastly, for added intensity, try a wet application. At this point, ask yourself, “Do I need to add definition to the eye?” If so, the Brown or Black Cake Liner works beautifully with the 100 Brush.

Cheeks: If the design calls for it, add warmth to the face chart just like you would with a person. Lightly sweep the Cheek Color on the forehead, cheeks and jaw line with Brush 700.

Lips: To complete the look, choose your favorite Lip Pencil or warm toned Eye Colors to complete the look. The key is to apply and blend. After you create the ultimate lip color, add dimension and definition to distinguish between the upper and lower lip.

For more information on upcoming Industry Speaks events, please see our Facebook Events Calendar. They’re free and open to the public!

Day to Night With the Fall Northland Tale Kit


Last weekend, we played up three different Fall looks from The Northland Tale Kit in our Free Saturday Workshop. Here’s what you missed.

Brisk Fall Day:

Eyes: Create a subtle and beautiful fall day appearance with the softer colors in the Northland Tale Kit. Begin with Dulce de Leche on the lid as a muted shimmery highlight with Brush 330S. Next, apply a small amount of the velvety Brownstone Eye Color on the crease from the outer corner to the inner corner in a windshield wiper motion with Brush 800S. The darkest area should be where the lid and crease meet on the outer corner. Blend upward to soften the edge. With Brush 800S and small circular motions, use the Rose Beige Cheek Color to add warmth. Finish the look with the Cream or Volumizing Mascara.

Cheeks: Use the Rose Beige Cheek Color to add a natural flush to the cheeks.

Lips: Subtly draw attention to the lips with the Bare Lip Glaze.

Crisp Fall Evening:

Eyes: To play up the highlights and shadows for a crisp evening look, follow the day look and then add dimension to the eye area. Quickly sweep the Dulce de Leche on the brow bone with Brush 330S. For a bold, beautiful, sultry eye that reflects light, stipple or pat the Bronzed Eye Color on the entire lid with Brush 330S. Next, play up the shadow in the crease with the Midnight Eye Color and Brush 810. Proceed from the outer corner of the crease and taper the color toward the inner corner. Blend well with a clean 800S Brush. Define the eye with a wet application of the Midnight Eye Color. Use a damp 210 Angle Brush to define the top lash line. Complete the evening look with the Cream or Volumizing Mascara.

Smoky Eye: First, follow the day and evening look. Now, focus on the lower lid. Layer the Brownstone and the Midnight Eye Colors with Brush 810 and blend.

Cheeks: Use the Rose Beige Cheek Color as a beautiful Fall Cheek Color and/or to create a natural contour.

Lips: Subtly draw attention to the lips with the Bare Lip Glaze.

— Sean Conklin

New York City Street Beat: Fashion’s Night Out!


What better city than New York to see the fashionistas sporting their wardrobe’s finest and rocking their sweet style? Ladies and Gentleman, we saw it all. Fashion’s Night Out is one of the biggest (and hippest) nights on the town, where anyone who’s anyone gets decked out to hit the streets.

This is New York City Street Beat on fashion’s biggest night: Fashion’s Night Out!

With all new Dr. Martens, poofy floral print skirts, long collared blouses, and shoulder pads galore, the 90’s are back in full swing. The makeup we saw was no different: bold brows and even bolder lips. I also noticed that the Wilson Phillips naked-yet-soft-contoured look is back. And who can leave out our classic love affair with sweeping black eye liner? Thank you, Amy Whinehouse.

Here were three looks that trumped all the others on the streets of New York:

1. Go Bold or Go Home: This look is all about fresh skin and setting the main focus on brows and lips. To achieve this focus, I aimed for soft eyes and cheeks. To fill the brows, apply a blend of Espresso and Canyon Eye Shadows with the #210 Angled Eyeliner Brush. On the lid, apply Bone Eye Color with the #800 Blending Brush. Full lips can easily carry a bold, bright color. Choose Red Lip Pencil and fill in the entire upper and lower lip. As a finishing touch, add a small amount of Lady Bug Lip Color. Easy and elegant!

2. The 90’s Minimalist: This look isn’t always as easy as it seems because it looks as if there is no makeup on the face. However, this is of course the point. For the face, this look is mostly Primer and Dual Finish Powder buffed into the skin in circular motions using the #710 Brush. For the eyes, use your #800 Brush and apply Apricot to the lids. Finish them off with a very light handed coat of Cream Mascara and the #500 Fan Brush. Lips are bare so why not use MUD’s Bare Lip Glaze? Fashionably simple.

3. Line em’ Up: This look is all about those sexy winged out eyes — a classic that will continue to pop up every season and a long time favorite that will always be in style. MUD’s Black Cake Liner is absolutely perfect for this as it’s easy to apply and wing out at the outer corners using MUD’s #100 Brush. This brush will literally do the work for you. To enforce the liner, apply Onyx Eye Color over the top using the #210 Brush. Lastly, don’t forget to apply a coat of MUD’s Volumizing Mascara!

— Reiva Cruze

The 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Make-Up Review and How To

Lucy Liu

Last night’s 64th annual Primetime Emmy’s were held in Los Angeles at the Nokia Theatre, and was hosted by one of my personal favorite late night TV personalities, Jimmy Kimmel.

We saw quite a few strapless and sweetheart gowns this year. Zoe Deschanel, Morena Baccarin, Julianne Hough, and Kat Dennings looked slick and sexy with this style. Kat Dennings rocked a low cut burgundy piece by J. Mendel, and I think she made the right choice by wearing her hair down, in soft locks, and pairing it all with a bold, earth toned red lip.

Color-wise, I’d say the two leading hues of the evening were bright yellow and orange. Padma Lakshmi and Ginnifer Goodwin exemplified this Autumnal trend with two festive but elegant burnt orange dresses. The ladies in yellow were Julianne Moore, Kaley Cuoco, and Claire Daines – who all looked positively radiant.

This makeup How To, however, is inspired by the lovely Lucy Liu – who wore a futuristic Versace gown with bold black eyeliner and stunning cheeks. Her skin was beautiful and light with just a soft hint of freckling around her nose and cheeks. I love freckles as you can either choose to play them up with your makeup (always a personal favorite) or to conceal them using MUD’s Flawless Cream Foundation. The fun thing about having freckles is that you always have this option.

Get the Look!

Face: First, use MUD’s Cream Foundation in your shade to get Lucy’s flawless skin. Apply a medium coverage with MUD’s #940 Foundation Brush. Set the foundation using either a Loose Powder for a matte finish, or a Dual Finish Compact Powder for a more dewy look.

Cheeks: To accentuate your cheek bones with a pop of color, use a blend of Soft Peach Cheek Color and Poppy Cheek Color with your #710 Brush and dust along the cheek bone in circular motions until you reach your desired intensity.

Eyes: Lucy’s look is all about the eyes. To achieve the same effect, use MUD’s Black Cake Liner with our #100 Brush. Apply medium to thick winged out eyeliner starting from the inner corner and working your way outwards. Using MUD’s #810 Smudger Brush and Graphite Eye Color, smoke out the cake liner slightly to soften the effect while maintaining a bold line. Next, use your #800 Blending Brush and softly blend Galaxy Eye Color into the crease. Apply lashes and a load of Cream Mascara.

Lips: Nude is the way to go with this look. Try outlining your lips with Lip Pencil in Natural and fill in with a generous coat of Bare Lip Glaze.

Bubblegum & Barbie: The Chris Benz SS2013 Collection & How To


Fall Fashion Week (showcasing the Spring/Summer collections) is always a New York City favorite. Whether you’re involved in the industry, a fashion fan city native, or a tourist who hits up as many shows as possible, this is one of the best times to be in New York.

The Chris Benz SS2013 Presentation was as vibrant and colorful as ever. Kelly greens, bubble gum pinks, and pale yellows graced the stage at the infamous Lincoln Center. Attracting the likes of Kelly Osborne, Susan Sarandon, and Paula Abdul, Chris’s collection brought an imaginative sophistication to zany patterns complemented beautifully by a much desired color palette.

The makeup style for this show was by far one of my favorite looks of the season. The amazing and talented Daniel Martin was back again as the key artist and developed such a soft and sensual look. He chose a bubble gum pink tone for both the eyes as well as the for the cheeks. These both softly blend together at the outer corner of the eye back towards the temple. A lighter, shimmery pink shadow was placed on the inner part of the lid.

This all over wash of pink was really the main focus of the look, and the skin was fresh and clean. Martin chose clear mascara for the upper and lower lashes and a light nudish pink shade for the lip. This was my third time working as one of the artists for the Chris Benz show, and every season we use color and placement in a new, whimsical fashions.

Here’s how to create your own colorful fairytale look using MUD products:

Face: Clean, Clean, Clean. Blend MUD’s Cream Foundation with MUD’s Primer for a sheer finish and a beautiful, fresh coverage. Using either Dual Finish Powder in your shade or MUD’s Loose Powder in Zero, lightly dust powder all over the face using your #510 Fan Brush.

Eyes: Using Bubblegum Cheek Color and your #800 Brush, swish the Bubblegum back and forth from the lash line all over the lid up into the brow. You can extend the color outwards toward the temple, as when you apple the cheek they will softly come together. Next, apply a small amount of Pixie to the inner corner of the eyelid using your #810 Brush. And lastly, apply one coat of Brow Fix to the upper and lower lashes.

Cheeks: Continuing to use the Bubblegum, take your #710 Brush and sweep the Cheek Color across the cheek bone starting from the hairline and moving downward toward the mouth. The pink of the cheek should finish just below the lower lash line. The key to getting this right is the blending. Blend as well as possible and use your #940 Foundation Brush to correct any unwanted placement.

Lips: Just a dash of Sandy Beach is perfect for this look. Blend a small amount of the Shine Lip Gloss to give it a little extra slip, and you are ready for the runway!

— Reiva Cruze

Back to School Basics for Teens


If you were absent during our last free Saturday workshop in LA and NY, you can still earn an A+ this fall with a flawless looking make-up — from a natural soft look to a bold statement look. For an everyday natural look, choose warmer natural colors to compliment your features. For an occasional dramatic look, learn how to apply fun colors using the same corrective methods. With either look, you’ll be turning heads all year.

Here’s How:

Face: First, analyze the texture of the skin and prep your face. Remove excess oils with a toner and cotton round. Moisturize your face if necessary. Then, prime your face with Mud’s Face Primer with a Professional Sponge or Brush 940. To find the appropriate base match, choose a few colors that are closest to the undertone and shade of your skin.  Sample the colors on your jaw line and drag the color down your neck. A good match is when the foundation disappears into the skin. Try the silicone base HD Air as liquid foundation for a flawless sheer to medium coverage. Begin the application on your forehead and work your way down to the neck with a Professional Sponge or Brush 940. If you tend to be oily in the T-zone, set the foundation with a Loose Powder and Brush 710s for a longer lasting wear.

Eye Brows: Remove the foundation and powder out of your eyebrows with a Disposable Mascara Wand and 99% alcohol. Use an Eye Pencil to shape and fill in your eyebrows. For a softer long lasting application, transfer the pigment from an Eye Pencil onto the 210s Angle Brush and apply the color in the same direction as the hair growth. As an alternative, use an Eye Color similar to the natural hair with Brush 210s. Look for equal balance and weight.

Natural Look

Eyes: For a soft natural look, try a soft dusting of an Eye Color on the lid with Brush 330s. Eye Colors such as CashmereWheatApricotPixiePink Grapefruit, and Spanish Gold are perfect for this look. Choose an Eye Color a few shades darker to lightly enhance the crease with Brush 800s. Blend to feather out the color for soft edges.

*Tip: DO NOT exceed the outer corners of the lid. Lay the handle of a brush on your face with the handle touching the outer corner of the nose, outer corner of the eye to the end of the eyebrow. This will make for an easy guideline to prevent the outer corners from drooping.

Finish this look with a coat of Volumizing Mascara.

Cheeks: The Rose Petal Cheek Color is the perfect School Girl blush. For medium to darker skin tones, try the Bubblegum or Poppy Cheek Colors. Apply to the apples of the cheeks in a circular motion and lightly sweep back and upward toward the ear with Brush 710s.

Lips: A great rule of thumb when applying lip color is to stick to the same family of color as the cheek color. Not only is the Cupid Lip Glaze in the same family, it also continues the pouty School Girl theme.

Dramatic Look

Eyes: Before you start the eye treatment, think of your colors. If you go super bold on the eyes, tone down your lips. If you are more subtle with your selection of eye colors, then choose a fun color to really play up your lips. It should ALWAYS be one or the other. Begin with a pop of color on the lid with Brush 330s. Then choose a shadow to deepen the crease with Brush 800s. Blend to feather out the color for soft edges.

*Tip: DO NOT exceed the outer corners of the lid. Lay the handle of a brush on your face with the handle touching the outer corner of the nose, outer corner of the eye to the end of the eyebrow. This will make for an easy guideline to prevent the outer corners from drooping.

For a precise, defined look use a Cake Liner with Brush 100. To activate the Cake Liner, spray the water onto a Steel Palette and spin the brush in the water to create a fine point. Never spray directly into the product. Mix the product until the desired consistency is reached. Make sure to spin the brush to keep the fine tip. To achieve a glamour eye liner, lay the brush flat from the inner corner of the eye while hugging the lash line. Drag the brush to the center of the lid. Relax your eye, look straight ahead and place a small dot on the outer corner where the end of the wing should end. Reload your brush, place the tip on the dot, and drag your brush toward the center. Fill in the liner to even out the color. Use the same Eye Color that you used in the crease as a drop shadow on the lower lash line with Brush 210s.  Finish this cool urban-chic look with a coat of Cream or Volumizing Mascara.

Cheeks: The Rose Beige Cheek Color adds depth and warmth without taking away from the creativity of the eye or lip application. For medium to darker skin tones, try the Gingerbread Cheek Color. Apply to the apples of the cheeks in a circular motion and lightly sweep back and upward toward the ear with Brush 710s.

Lips: For a subtle lip application with a little shine, line and fill in the lips with the Natural Pencil and coat the lips with the Bare Lip Glaze. To play up the lips with a fun color, use the Red Lip Liner to define the lip line and fill in the entire lip. Next apply the Shine Lip Gloss to complete the look.

*And remember: Always emphasize either bold eyes with subtle lips or subtle eyes with bold lips.

— Sean Conklin

Work and Play


During our last free workshop in LA and NY, we offered quick tips on how to achieve a suitable make-up application for work and how to refresh it for happy hour.

What you’ll need:

Face: Moisturizer, Cream or HD Air Foundation, CorrectorsLoose Powder, Brushes: 940930720

Eyes: 4 Eye Color PaletteCashmereCanyonCajun SpiceOnyxMascaraBrush 800

Cheeks: Cheek Color or BronzerBrush 500

Lips: Lip Gloss or Glaze

Options: Eye PencilCake Liner


Face: First, analyze the face and use the appropriate correction to even out the skin. Apply a Cream or HD Air Foundation with Brush 940 or a Sponge and/or spot conceal major problem areas with our highly pigmented Correctors with Brush 930. Set the makeup with a Loose Powder and Brush 720 for a longer lasting, smoother finish.

Eyes: If necessary, fill in the eye brows with an Eye Pencil or Eye Color to add balance and equal weight. Next, LIGHTLY dust CashmereCanyon, or Cajun Spice on the top lid with Brush 800. Top off the eye treatment with a couple coats of Cream or Volumizing Mascara.

Cheeks: Warm up with a Cheek Color or bronze out with a Bronzer to add dimension to the face. For a subtle look, use a lower density brush, like the 500.

Lips: Try any of our Lip Glosses or Glazes to create shine or add a pop of color.


Face: If you haven’t touched up throughout the day, now is the time to do it. Apply an eye cream or moisturizer under the eye. The moisturizer is a three in one; it removes old makeup, rehydrates the skin, and preps the area for touchups. Let the cream set for few minutes as you blot the T-zone with blotting papers or tissue. You can even blot off the excess cream under the eye. Spot conceal with a Corrector or Foundation, and set the base with a Loose Powder.

Eyes: For evening wear, play up the highlights and shadows. Remember, highlights bring areas forward and shadows push areas back. With a highlight on your lid, you can choose to add more to play up the highlight. Next, add depth to crease with the Onyx Eye Color and Brush 800. The trick is to begin with a light application of Onyx and build the shadow to the desired depth. To define the upper lash line you may choose to add a liner with the Onyx Eye Color, Eye Pencil, or Cake Liner. Finish the eye treatment with Cream or Volumizing Mascara.

Cheeks: If necessary, reapply your Cheek Color or Bronzer.

Lips: Reapply your Lip Gloss or Glaze.

— Sean Conklin

Teen Choice Awards: Get Gwen Stefani’s Rocker-Chic Look

Gwen Stefani and Taylor Swift

The 14th annual Teen Choice Awards took place Sunday night at the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles, California and were hosted by “X Factor” judge Demi Lovato and “Glee” star Kevin McHale. This is where MTV gives teenagers all over the world a chance to vote and have a voice in Music, Movies, and Pop Culture. At this award show, funky and unconventional pieces like golden popcorn trophies or decorated life-sized surfboards are given to award winners. The Stars in film, music, and television were out and about last night struttin’ their stuff on both the red carpet and the stage.

Zoe Saldana, Kristen Stewart, and Ellen DeGeneres looked spot-on and stylish, bringing class and sophistication to the teen event. Out of the talented winners, Taylor Swift’s look was one of my favorites. The 22-year old country singer looked stunning in a flowing white sheer paneled dress. Her makeup looked fresh, and suited the softness of both her dress and hairstyle. On the eyes, she had a bold and softly smoky liner, warm plum shadows that stopped just at the crease, and a lovely drop shadow along the lower lash line. Her earrings matched her blush, as she’d chosen a beautiful pastel pink cheek color (MUD’s Rose Petal is ideal for this look) that popped on her porcelain skin. Taylor went for a semi glossy pink lip that complimented the rest of her makeup perfectly.

Flo Rida, Selena Gomez, and Justin Bieber were among the performers at last night’s event, however Southern California punk rock band, No Doubt really stole the show. They performed the single “Settle Down” from their upcoming album, “Push and Shove”. This will be their first Album released in over a decade. Front girl and one of my personal makeup icons, Gwen Stefani rocked it out last night. Her style is that perfect blend of rocker-chic with a tough-girl vibe, and her makeup has always been flawless. Matte, beautiful clean skin, winged out bold black liner and those classically fabulous red lips. As an artist, seeing it done so well ignites the desire to re-create it.

Here’s how to get Gwen’s Look:

Face: For as long as I can remember, Gwen has worn her foundation as matte as matte can be, so begin by applying MUD Foundation in the appropriate shade with your #940 Foundation Brush. Set the foundation with a MUD Loose Powder in any of our five shades using your #710 Brush and buff powder into the skin. This is one of my favorite products to use when I am looking for a matte finish.

Eyes: Bold black eye liner is the key ingredient to achieve Gwen’s look. Before the liner, go ahead and use your #800 Brush to softly apply Apricot all over the lid as a base. Then, use MUD’s Cake Liner in Black and your #100 Brush to line both eyes, giving the outside corners a winged out tip. This is done very easily when using the #100 brush. Take your #320 Brush and apply a small amount of Honeysuckle along the brow bone. Then it’s all about LASHES and MUD’s Volumizing Mascara!

Brows: Fill in those brows with a blend of Taupe and Espresso Eye Colors or by using the Rich Brown or Taupe Eye Pencils. Either of these will work, but use the #210 Angle Liner Brush to apply both options for a more precise and perfect brow.

Lips: Gwen is famous for her red lips, so red it is! Using MUD’s Red Lip Pencil, line both upper and lower lips. Next, apply MUD’s Lady Bug Satin Lipstick using the #310 Lip Brush. Be careful to stay within the natural line of the lip and you are ready to rock!

— Reiva Cruze