A Lovely Email from Sorbet Salons, South Africa

We can say what we want about ourselves, but what speaks loudest is what others say about us. This email from Danica, Owner the Sorbet Salons (South Africa) to her staff was forwarded to our offices in Valencia, CA. It speaks to the quality of our products, our service and the students of MUD:

“I made a point of visiting the MUD academy during my holiday in California just to see how big they really are compared to MAC and I must say, there is no comparison , we really do have yet another  strong and fantastic brand in our store. The academy looks so small from the outside, but behind their beautiful retail store they have a massive academy where they teach their students how to do all sorts of makeup & hair like you have never seen before. 

The [MUD staff] girls were very excited to meet someone from South Africa that keeps MUD in their store and that shares their passion for the brand. They were also very generous to take me on a tour in the academy and show me some of their students work. It was really something to see…”  

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Thank you, Danica for visiting us in California. We are beyond pleased that you had a great experience and hope to continue serving you and the extended MUD family in South Africa with the best service and quality products.

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Brenda Botha
Make-up designory (MUD) South Africa
Head Office
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