Product Focus: Lady Bug Lipstick

No make-up look will ever be more classic than a bold, red lip. From Marilyn Monroe to Dita Von Teese to Gwen Stefani, so many iconic women have made red lipstick a mainstay in their make-up bag. That’s why I always reach for MUD’s Lady Bug Lipstick whenever I want to add a pop of color to an otherwise simple look.

While there are many variations on a red lip – from dark to light, from warm to cool, or from matte to glossy – a well-defined, velvety red lip never gets old. Therefore, it’s important to start your lipstick application with our Red Lip Pencil. MUD’s lip pencils provide the perfect happy medium between firm and soft pencil–allowing you to both draw a precise lip line and fill in the lip without any patchiness. Filling in the lip helps create a vibrant color and keeps my lipstick looking even between touch-ups without any bleeding on the lip line.

After lining the lips all you have to do is fill in the lip using MUD’s #310 Lip Brush, and voila! You’re looking like a 1920s movie star. I recommend loading up our Lip Brush with lipstick and throwing it in your purse for touch-ups throughout the day.

I find Lady Bug to be very wearable because it is neither too light or too dark and has a slightly blue undertone. This makes it perfect for a variety of different looks. Rock a thin cat eye and falsies with Lady Bug for a classic vintage look, or pair it with a little mascara and defined brows to finish off a quick on-the-go make-up. The world is your oyster! 

Lady Bug lipstick can be purchased here.

Makeup Artist to the Stars Gregory Arlt Visits our Burbank School for MUD Talks

One might know Gregory Arlt for his pin-up red carpet looks on Dita Von Teese, his vintage doll-like makeup on Katy Perry for her One of the Boys album cover, or his glamorous editorial work with Angelina Jolie for Vanity Fair. Make-up artist Gregory Arlt has had an expansive and successful 25-year career in the makeup industry. Luckily for us, Arlt dropped by our Burbank location for one of our MUD Talks to lend the students some red carpet tips, skin care recommendations, and stories from his work with the industry’s top stars and photographers.

Photography: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

When asked how he became interested in makeup, Arlt can point to a few distinct moments. Watching Culture Club on MV3 (what he called the “poor man’s MTV”), Arnt says his “whole life changed.” Not only was the star in makeup a man, something Arlt had never seen before, but also this was a moment in which Arlt’s suburban bubble of Westchester exploded to reveal a whole new world at his disposal. Arlt also points to the first time he saw his lipstick-loving mother come home from a department store makeover with eyeshadow for the first time, and flipping through Francesco Scavullo’s book Women. Inspired by the transformative power of makeup, Arlt went on to develop the distinctive glamorous style he is now known for.

But Arlt’s talk was not all about his own biography. Scrolling through a slideshow of his favorite makeup looks, Arlt sprinkled in advice and stories of moments shared with some of his favorite faces. Here are some of his top tips:

  1. First, focus on skin: Looking at a bold-lipped photo of six-year client Gwen Stefani, Arlt draws attention to her clear, glowy skin. “A lot of makeup artists want to go to the fun stuff” he said, but “my brain doesn’t even compute that. You can throw on mascara running down the hallway or a lip whereas if you go on with your skin not being done and there’s imperfections or discoloration, everything gets negated.” Advocating that a makeup artist should never rely on photoshop for anything, achieving perfect, flawless skin is always his primary emphasis for editorial work.

    Photo courtesy of
  2. Know your makeup history: “However important you think it is, it’s nowhere near how important” as it should be, Arlt says. Discussing 60s references in a Katy Perry makeup look, Arlt encourages makeup artists to ask questions, like “Is it Twiggy is it Edie Sedgwick is it Pamela Grier?” or just “where in the 60s are we?” Albeit fun, having good historical knowledge is also a necessity when references are the language of the industry.

    Photo courtesy of
  3. Make your model feel good: Discussing the intricacies of red carpet makeup, Arlt’s bottom line is that he wants the star to feel “like the A+ version of themselves.” When it comes to red carpet, this means doing a makeup that works not only for an image but also when the star is talking to people, or allowing there to be a little more attention on the dress for a change. One specific tip he had for red carpet is to still moisturize the skin: since the client will likely be showing more of it, make sure the skin moisturized and healthy before toning down the shine with foundation and powder

    Photography: Aleksandar Tomovic

Thank you for taking the time to come to campus and speak with our students, Gregory! 


Teen Choice Awards: Get Gwen Stefani’s Rocker-Chic Look

Gwen Stefani and Taylor Swift

The 14th annual Teen Choice Awards took place Sunday night at the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles, California and were hosted by “X Factor” judge Demi Lovato and “Glee” star Kevin McHale. This is where MTV gives teenagers all over the world a chance to vote and have a voice in Music, Movies, and Pop Culture. At this award show, funky and unconventional pieces like golden popcorn trophies or decorated life-sized surfboards are given to award winners. The Stars in film, music, and television were out and about last night struttin’ their stuff on both the red carpet and the stage.

Zoe Saldana, Kristen Stewart, and Ellen DeGeneres looked spot-on and stylish, bringing class and sophistication to the teen event. Out of the talented winners, Taylor Swift’s look was one of my favorites. The 22-year old country singer looked stunning in a flowing white sheer paneled dress. Her makeup looked fresh, and suited the softness of both her dress and hairstyle. On the eyes, she had a bold and softly smoky liner, warm plum shadows that stopped just at the crease, and a lovely drop shadow along the lower lash line. Her earrings matched her blush, as she’d chosen a beautiful pastel pink cheek color (MUD’s Rose Petal is ideal for this look) that popped on her porcelain skin. Taylor went for a semi glossy pink lip that complimented the rest of her makeup perfectly.

Flo Rida, Selena Gomez, and Justin Bieber were among the performers at last night’s event, however Southern California punk rock band, No Doubt really stole the show. They performed the single “Settle Down” from their upcoming album, “Push and Shove”. This will be their first Album released in over a decade. Front girl and one of my personal makeup icons, Gwen Stefani rocked it out last night. Her style is that perfect blend of rocker-chic with a tough-girl vibe, and her makeup has always been flawless. Matte, beautiful clean skin, winged out bold black liner and those classically fabulous red lips. As an artist, seeing it done so well ignites the desire to re-create it.

Here’s how to get Gwen’s Look:

Face: For as long as I can remember, Gwen has worn her foundation as matte as matte can be, so begin by applying MUD Foundation in the appropriate shade with your #940 Foundation Brush. Set the foundation with a MUD Loose Powder in any of our five shades using your #710 Brush and buff powder into the skin. This is one of my favorite products to use when I am looking for a matte finish.

Eyes: Bold black eye liner is the key ingredient to achieve Gwen’s look. Before the liner, go ahead and use your #800 Brush to softly apply Apricot all over the lid as a base. Then, use MUD’s Cake Liner in Black and your #100 Brush to line both eyes, giving the outside corners a winged out tip. This is done very easily when using the #100 brush. Take your #320 Brush and apply a small amount of Honeysuckle along the brow bone. Then it’s all about LASHES and MUD’s Volumizing Mascara!

Brows: Fill in those brows with a blend of Taupe and Espresso Eye Colors or by using the Rich Brown or Taupe Eye Pencils. Either of these will work, but use the #210 Angle Liner Brush to apply both options for a more precise and perfect brow.

Lips: Gwen is famous for her red lips, so red it is! Using MUD’s Red Lip Pencil, line both upper and lower lips. Next, apply MUD’s Lady Bug Satin Lipstick using the #310 Lip Brush. Be careful to stay within the natural line of the lip and you are ready to rock!

— Reiva Cruze