MUD Celebrates our Emmy Nominated Winner: Emma Faulkes

Emma Faulkes

Despite its fantastical premise, watching Game of Thrones always feels very real. Whether you’re watching the death of your favorite character or a battle between two others, computer and prosthetic special effects blend seamlessly, giving birth to one of the most captivating fantasy TV shows of our generation. Special Make-up Effects Artist, Emma Faulkes, was part of the team whhelped bring this television fantasy to life. 

Emma Faulkes recently won an Emmy for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series, Limited Series, Movie or Special for her work on Game of Thrones’ seventh season. Starting out as a trainee for Nick Dudman on the set of Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows, Faulkes has always been drawn towards prosthetic effects. “I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be surrounded by so much talent on one of the greatest franchises in film history,” she says about the job, defining it as the moment she knew she needed to be a make-up artist. In fact, she had already studied make-up in the UK for two years before coming to MUD, searching for a class that was “solely prosthetics-based” and “was 100% focused on hands on practical learning.” Luckily for us, MUD served her needs. 

But her time at MUD wasn’t all work, and she has some fond memories, too. When asked to share her favorite story, she recalled a time where her make-up kit was stolen out of the trunk of her car and her instructor, along with others all pitched in to replace it. “It was an act of kindness that I will never forget,” she says, describing her instructor, Mark Shostromas “an incredible FX artist,” and “the reason I travelled all the way from the UK to Los Angeles.” In fact, she even stopped by our Los Angeles school just last week to say hello to the staff! We are very excited about Emma’s success, and proud to say she is a MUD grad.


MUD Celebrates Our Emmy Nominated Grads: Nicole Faulkner and Jen Fregoz

Nicole Faulkner

Nicole Faulkner, alias “Lipsticknick” has developed a name for herself as celebrity make-up artist, with a personal brand marked by bold lips, feathery eyelashes, and flawless skin. You might know her from her beauty influencer status online, with 518,000 followers on Instagram and 42,100 followers on Twitter. She’s performed as herself on Todrick Hall’s MTV reality show Todrick in 2015, only broadening her internet base and front-facing public persona. Her expertise shows through both her industry and technical smarts, as she has become known for applying picture-perfect dramatic looks spanning from drag to high fashion.   

This year, she has received her second Emmy nomination for Outstanding Makeup for a Multi-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic) for Ru Paul’s Drag Race’s episode “10s Across the Board.” She was nominated for this same award at the Emmys last year, and has worked on the show for the last two years. A show focused on over-the-top looks and extravagant performances, one might imagine the job is many beauty make-up artists’ dream.  

Passionate about art from a very young age, Nicole chose to get an art-focused make-up education at Make-Up Designory before moving on to the professional world. Plus, Nicole Faulkner not only graduated from Make-Up Designory, but also has come back to teach, calling MUD “one of L.A.’s most renowned makeup schools” on her personal website [link]. She has also toured as a make-up instructor, and used her marketing and artistic skills to work with multiple large companies and celebrities including the Pentatonix, Tori Kelly, Todrick Hall, and Def Leppard.  

Jen Fregozo

Nominated for the same award as Nicole Faulkner for her make-up on Ru Paul’s Drag Race, outstanding make-up artist Jen Fregozo is a MUD grad from our Los Angeles school. She has collected over 20 years of experience in the industry since she graduated from Make-Up Designory, including work for people like Jennifer Lopez, Mat Devine and Siera Kustebeck, and Naya Rivera. She also has worked on movies including WinterthorneThe Blackout, and A Night of Nightmares 

In addition to beauty make-up, Jen Fregozo is an expert in the world of character make-up as well. Creating the make-up for characters based on Saturday Night Live’s ‘Gilly,’ a DC Comic’s Joker, or zombies for a live attraction, Jen Fregozo has become an expert in demonstrating special effects character make-up. She was also the Senior Makeup Assistant Supervisor at Dark Harbor up until 2015. Her character make-up skills have even earned her spots as resident expert on multiple make-up “how-to” videos, like this:  

Working on the set of Ru Paul’s Drag Race amongst equally talented peers like ‘Lipsticknick’ seems to be an absolute blast. In an interview with Bionic Buzz, Jen Fregozo was caught speechless, giggling “we love it” and agreeing with her coworker that there’s simply no better way to describe the experience. During this interview, Jen said she was drawn to make-up artistry after having an interest earlier in life in art, media, and pop culture. Like so many MUD grads, Jen’s artistic talent is obvious, as she creates creative and out-of-this-world looks on TV’s most popular drag show. 

MUD Celebrates Our Emmy Grads: Natalie Driscoll and Melissa Buell

Natalie Driscoll

Another accomplished MUD Grad from our Los Angeles school is hairstylist to the stars Natalie Driscoll. Like so many make-up artists, Natalie was drawn to make-up since childhood. On her website bio she says “in my younger years I dreamt of doing hair and make-up for film, television, weddings, and events. By working very hard my dreams have come true. Today I am doing it all.” Earning a make-up and hairstyling certificate from Make-up Designory, Natalie Driscoll has since gone on to style the hair of countless movie and television stars, red carpet events, and special occasions. 

Winning the Emmy for Outstanding Hairstylist for a Limited Series or Movie for her work on The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, Natalie finds herself recognized by the Emmys for her fourth time. She also won the award for Outstanding Hairstyling for a Miniseries or Movie for her work on American Horror Story in 2012, was nominated again for her work on the same show in 2013, and won for her hairstyling on American Crime Story in 2016.  

Photo courtesy of FX

The nine-episode series investigates the murder of Gianni Versace by Andrew Cunanan in 1997. Stylistically the show holds on to European high culture amongst all the violence, starring beautifully tussled long haircuts, stylish runway updos, and clean men’s looks. Featured in InStyle and Vanity Fair, star Penelope Cruz’s daring fashion, make-up and hair on the show have created a lot of buzz in the entertainment community. Natalie Driscoll’s talents are certainly on full display. 

Melissa Buell

You might know her as the make-up artist responsible for Lea Michelle, Chris Colfer, Jane Lynch and other stars’ looks on hit TV show Glee. In fact, this MUD grad has been nominated three times for an Emmy for her work on the show from 2011-2013, including nominations for Outstanding Makeup for a Single Camera-Series and Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series, Miniseries, Movie or a Special. However, this time Melissa Buell returns to the MUD Emmy nominated list after 5 years with not one, but two nominations for her brilliant on-set make-up.  

Melissa Buell’s first nomination is for her work on “Money’s in the Chase,” an episode from the flamboyant 80s TV show GLOW. The episode is the show’s first season finale, which received glowing reviews for its “aim of authenticity as period comedy, modern character study, and respectful wrestling adaptation” [link Vulture article]. Having to prep the actresses with colorful 80s make-up fit for the wrestling ring, Melissa Buell and her work were clearly as popular with the critics as was the series’ dramatic ending. 

Photo courtesy of CNN

Buell is also nominated for Outstanding Makeup for a Limited Series or Movie (Non-Prosthetic) for her work on The Last Tycoon. The episode, “Oscar, Oscar, Oscar,” is also this series’ season finale, full of romantic drama, secret ties, and emotional fallout. The 1930s time period lends Buell the opportunity for flirty lashes, bold brows, and defining lip colors. Buell has also been recognized for her work on Tron: Legacy, Scream Queens, and Love.  

MUD Congratulates our Emmy Nominated Grads: Gina Ghiglieri and Kristina Frisch

Kristina Frisch

Kristina Frisch knew she wanted to be a make-up artist ever since she was a little girl. “It was the 1980’s and every movie had a transformation montage. The frumpy girl turned into a babe. The dorky kid into the werewolf. I thought ‘I want to do that.’ I just love transformations I guess” she says about her childhood dreams. Some might say Kristina’s childhood inspirations led her career full circle, as she has been nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Makeup for a Single-Camera Series (non-prosthetic) for her work on 80s women’s wrestling TV show GLOW 

Choosing MUD because it “felt like a family,” in 2001, Kristina learned valuable lessons about on-set behavior in addition to the valuable make-up techniques. “The most important thing I learned at MUD was probably the basics of how a set works and what would be expected of me as a make-up artist working in films and on TV. You get to set, and you are expected to just know. That probably would have been even more terrifying if I hadn’t had a heads up” she says.

Photo courtesy of Business Insider

She advises aspiring make-up artists make the most of their time at school and on-set.  “Always admit when you don’t know how to do something or if you need help. If someone has to redo your work because you screwed up trying to do something you weren’t confident with it’s a lot more harmful than just asking for help in the first place. There is no shame in not knowing how to do everything.” If you’re still a student, the same applies as well. Every time you work on your skills, ask the questions you need to ask. Even the most qualified artists need some clarification.

Gina Ghiglieri

A MUD Grad from our Los Angeles school, there’s no doubt that Gina Ghiglieri knows how to work through the ranks. “Always stay connected to your peers…you will help each other navigate and pass on jobs to one another” she says. Her drive shows—not only is her beauty makeup impeccable, but she’s worked hard off the clock as well, including networking and staying connected with alumni. She even got her job on The Voice through networking, getting her name passed along to the department head as someone who did well on the make-up set for live TV competition shows.  

Now, Gina Ghiglieri is nominated for Outstanding Makeup for a Multi-Camera Series or Special (Non-Prosthetic) for her work on the faces of Addison Agen, Christina Danielle, Kyla Jade, and more for The Voice. “I seriously feel so blessed to be a part of it” she says. A beauty expert, she found a job with the creative freedom with Department Head, Darcy Gilmore and Key, Kristene Bernard, and excels as she works with the make-up and wardrobe department to make looks suited to each artist’s personal style. “We start early in the morning creating their looks and watch rehearsal to see if any changes need to be made based on lighting or wardrobe changes, and then add details and pops that take the make-up to the next level” she says, “and there is no room for error.”

Gina Ghighlieri advises recent grads to know their worth and stay focused on their career. “Whether it be to gain experience, compensation for your kit, tear sheets, meeting new people, etc., I never worked for free.” says Ghiglieri about her time as a recent grad. “If you have to take another job to pay the bills while navigating, make sure it’s make-up related, and it has flexibility for you to jump when projects arise. This line of work does not come quickly, and you have to put a lot of time and experience in to get to where you want to be” she says. Know you are qualified, and don’t settle. Especially with a MUD degree, why would you?

MUD Celebrates Our Emmy Nominated and Winning Grads

Everyone knows MUD grads are some of the most talented and professional artists in Hollywood, but the Emmy’s this year make us all particularly proud. MUD would like to officially congratulate our MUD Graduates Emma Faulkes and Natalie Driscoll on their Emmy wins!  Congratulations as well to our MUD Graduate nominees Melissa Buell, Kristina Frisch, Nicole Faulkner, Jen Fregozo, Gina Ghiglieri Carleigh Herbert and Hugo Villasenor.

In celebration, we will be posting make-up artist spotlights on each of our nominated alumni every weekday until the Emmy awards show. Stay tuned for success stories and advice from the following grads:  

2018 Emmy Winners
Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series, Limited Series, Movie or Special
Emma Faulkes, Special Makeup Effects Artist: Game of Thrones • The Dragon and the Wolf
Outstanding Hairstyling for a Limited Series or Movie

Natalie Driscoll, Key Hairstylist: The Assassination Of Gianni Versace: American Crime 

2018 Emmy Nominees
Outstanding Makeup for a Single-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic)
Melissa Buell, Makeup Artist & Kristina Frisch, Makeup Artist: GLOW • Money’s in the Chase
Outstanding Makeup for a Multi-Camera Series or Special (Non-Prosthetic)
Nicole Faulkner, Makeup Artist & Jen Fregozo, Makeup Artist: RuPaul’s Drag Race • 10s Across the Board
Gina Ghiglieri, Makeup Artist: The Voice • Live Finale, Part 1
Outstanding Makeup for a Limited Series or Movie (NonProsthetic)
Carleigh Herbert, Makeup Artist: American Horror Story • Cult
Melissa Buell, Makeup Artist: The Last Tycoon • Oscar, Oscar, Oscar
Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series, Limited Series, Movie or Special
Carleigh Herbert, Makeup Artist: American Horror Story • Cult
Hugo Villasenor, Special Makeup Effects Artist: Star Trek: Discovery • Will You Take My Hand?
Phone: 323-702-1136 number updated, left message 8/14/18
Congratulations, MUD graduates!

The Nominees are in… 2018 Emmys

It’s mid-July, and you know what that means: Emmys Season! Last week, this year’s nominees were announced, and we are prouder than ever of all the amazing MUD grads who made the list. Recognized for their work on Game of Thrones, GLOW, Ru Paul’s Drag Race, and more, here’s all the MUD grads that were nominated this year:

emmys2Photo: Associated Press

Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series, Limited Series, Movie or Special

Emma Faulkes, Special Makeup Effects Artist

Game Of Thrones • The Dragon And The Wolf • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Bighead, Littlehead; 360, Television/Startling Television


Outstanding Makeup for a Single-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic)

Melissa Buell, Makeup Artist

Kristina Frisch, Makeup Artist

GLOW • Money’s In The Chase • Netflix • Glitter Pictures, LLC


Outstanding Makeup for a Multi-Camera Series or Special (Non-Prosthetic)

Nicole Faulkner, Makeup Artist

Jen Fregozo, Makeup Artist

RuPaul’s Drag Race • 10s Across The Board • VH1 • World of Wonder Productions


Gina Ghiglieri, Makeup Artist

The Voice • Live Finale, Part 1 • NBC • MGM Television, Talpa Media USA, Inc., Warner Horizon Unscripted & Alternative Television


Outstanding Makeup for a Limited Series or Movie (Non-Prosthetic)

Carleigh Herbert, Additional Makeup Artist

American Horror Story: Cult • FX Networks • Twentieth Century Fox Television


Melissa Buell, Makeup Artist

The Last Tycoon • Oscar, Oscar, Oscar • Prime Video • TriStar Television, Inc. and Amazon Studios


Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series, Limited Series, Movie or Special

Carleigh Herbert, Additional Makeup Artist

American Horror Story: Cult • FX Networks • Twentieth Century Fox Television


Hugo Villasenor, Special Makeup Effects Artist

Star Trek: Discovery • Will You Take My Hand? • CBS (CBS All Access) • CBS Television Studios / Secret Hideout / Roddenberry Entertainment


Outstanding Hairstyling for a Limited Series or Movie

Natalie Driscoll, Key Hairstylist

The Assassination Of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story • FX Networks • Fox 21 Television Studios and FX Productions


Congratulations to all that are nominated! 

Top Trends from the Emmys

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Last night at the Emmys, a few trends emerged as stellar new looks for both the Hollywood red carpet and for an everyday look.  While lots of jewels may be a bit over the top for a day at the office, they sure worked for some of the night’s belles of the ball —  including the curvaceous Sofia Vergara of Modern Family.  Sophia worked the red carpet with Emerald jewels dangling from her ears and matching ring that was just as stunning as her dress.

The look of the event was a lip, however, that we can all recreate.  The tomato-red lip works on a variety of skin tones and still commands the attention of a red lip. Who did it best this year?  We’re going to go with Claire Danes (Homeland), Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) and Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men).  All three ladies brought the elegance of Hollywood together with the sassiness of their characters without skipping a beat.  To try the look out for yourself, try the MUD Lipstick in Lady Bug.

The 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Make-Up Review and How To

Lucy Liu

Last night’s 64th annual Primetime Emmy’s were held in Los Angeles at the Nokia Theatre, and was hosted by one of my personal favorite late night TV personalities, Jimmy Kimmel.

We saw quite a few strapless and sweetheart gowns this year. Zoe Deschanel, Morena Baccarin, Julianne Hough, and Kat Dennings looked slick and sexy with this style. Kat Dennings rocked a low cut burgundy piece by J. Mendel, and I think she made the right choice by wearing her hair down, in soft locks, and pairing it all with a bold, earth toned red lip.

Color-wise, I’d say the two leading hues of the evening were bright yellow and orange. Padma Lakshmi and Ginnifer Goodwin exemplified this Autumnal trend with two festive but elegant burnt orange dresses. The ladies in yellow were Julianne Moore, Kaley Cuoco, and Claire Daines – who all looked positively radiant.

This makeup How To, however, is inspired by the lovely Lucy Liu – who wore a futuristic Versace gown with bold black eyeliner and stunning cheeks. Her skin was beautiful and light with just a soft hint of freckling around her nose and cheeks. I love freckles as you can either choose to play them up with your makeup (always a personal favorite) or to conceal them using MUD’s Flawless Cream Foundation. The fun thing about having freckles is that you always have this option.

Get the Look!

Face: First, use MUD’s Cream Foundation in your shade to get Lucy’s flawless skin. Apply a medium coverage with MUD’s #940 Foundation Brush. Set the foundation using either a Loose Powder for a matte finish, or a Dual Finish Compact Powder for a more dewy look.

Cheeks: To accentuate your cheek bones with a pop of color, use a blend of Soft Peach Cheek Color and Poppy Cheek Color with your #710 Brush and dust along the cheek bone in circular motions until you reach your desired intensity.

Eyes: Lucy’s look is all about the eyes. To achieve the same effect, use MUD’s Black Cake Liner with our #100 Brush. Apply medium to thick winged out eyeliner starting from the inner corner and working your way outwards. Using MUD’s #810 Smudger Brush and Graphite Eye Color, smoke out the cake liner slightly to soften the effect while maintaining a bold line. Next, use your #800 Blending Brush and softly blend Galaxy Eye Color into the crease. Apply lashes and a load of Cream Mascara.

Lips: Nude is the way to go with this look. Try outlining your lips with Lip Pencil in Natural and fill in with a generous coat of Bare Lip Glaze.

Television’s Biggest Night: The 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Jane Lynch hosts the Emmy’s

The anxiously awaited Primetime Emmy awards were held at the legendary Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles last night, and oh-what a night it was.

Funny lady Jane Lynch was the host and was hilarious as she lit up the stage and the audience with her “show biz” styled comic flash. Lynch, is usually known for keeping it casual. Typically seen dressed down in a track suit like she does as Coach Sylvester on Glee, or in a manly styled uniform like the one she wears as a Best Buy Manager in 40-Year Old Virgin, she is rarely known for glamming it up. However on tonight’s red carpet she looked positively radiant in a long purple strapless sweetheart gown. Her makeup was done beautifully in that it accentuated her eyes by smoking them out slightly with charcoal (Graphite) and silver (Tinsel) shadows followed by a bold strip lash. Her skin looked smooth and fresh with a bronzer and a beautiful pink cheek and she kept her lips soft and natural with a light pink glaze (Cupid).

This star studded event was filled with talent, comedy, gratitude, and the feeling of dreams coming true. Modern Family was clearly a favorite as it picked up 5 Emmy’s and nearly all in a row. It was difficult for me to narrow down my favorite looks this year as there were so many stunners. Clare Danes and Maria Bello had two of my favorite looks. Clare had bold, bright eyes, lined with black liner and a blue eye shadow to complement her shiny blue and silver dress. Maria chose to go a bit lighter on the eye, also a pink gloss on the lip, and a fresh almost dewy finish for her skin. My own personal Emmy award for Best Makeup of the evening goes to the lovely Kerry Washington. She stunned us all by going for a 1940’s vintage look with winged out black eye liner, lashes and a stunning shade of classic red lipstick which paired perfectly with her strapless red gown that literally took my breathe away.

When prime time combines comic genius, like getting “lynched” with Jane and red carpet fashion/ beauty, than we at home are handsomely rewarded in the entertainment department. Oh-what a night!

To Get Kerry Washington’s 1940’s red carpet look: Face: As soft and natural as possible, apply MUD Cream Foundation with the #940 Foundation Brush. Place a very small amount of Poppy Cheek Color on the cheeks using the #710 Powder Blush Brush. Kerry’s cheek bones are very pronounced and easy to spot. If yours happen to be less notice able, place two fingers along the side of your face and you will feel the natural curve of your face. Place the cheek color just above the under part of the cheek bone. Eyes: Black Cake Eyeliner used with the #100 Round Liner Brush with a steady hand and a winged out tip. Apply either strip lashes or individuals depending on your desired lash intensity. Place Honeysuckle Eye Shadow along the brow bone using the #320 Oval Shadow Brush as a highlight. Lips: Begin by lining the lips with MUD’s Lip Pencil in Red. Then, go over the liner and fill in entire lip using the #310 Portable Lip Brush and Lady Bug Lip Color.

Now all you have to do is find a little red dress to go with such a stunning makeup look!

— Reiva Cruze

Make-Up at the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards: January Jone’s Look

January Jones

At the Emmy Awards this past Sunday, I saw so much navy blue on the red carpet I would have thought we were closer to January than September! And the side-shoulder, ethereal gowns were everywhere. Everyone just dazzled! So much classic taste and all around elegance distracted me from who was actually winning an award. Jane Lynch looked simply marvelous in the tight purple taffeta little number that just must have won her an Emmy for Glee. Toni Collette just looked radiant in a Valentino grey strapless gown. Her hair was perfectly primped and her makeup, flawless.

My favorite look of the night, however, was Miss January Jones. I was just in awe of her altogether. She wore black stilettos paired with a vibrantly robust Versace strapless blue gown with fantastic Madonna-like detail around the chest area. I couldn’t help but want to vogue right there in my living room! Her hair was soft and down, just grazing her shoulders. Her make-up was done beautifully. She had the complexion of a porcelain doll without any shine whatsoever. Her understated 1950’s eyeliner added to the dress’s bold statement, while accompanying the hair style in softening the entire ensemble.

To get January’s look:

Apply Loose Powder in Buttercream or Desert to prevent any visible shine in the hot sun or in the spotlight on the red carpet. Apply Endless Summer Bronzer to achieve that end-of-summer glow. The #710 Brush will allow you to apply Bronzer along the cheek bones, jaw line, and forehead areas. Apply just a touch of Rose Petal Cheek Color to the apples of the cheeks for warmth. January’s winged-out eyeliner is perfect and can be recreated applying the Black Cake Eyeliner with the #100 Brush. Make sure it is as even as possible when winging out the ends. Finish with two luscious coats of Volumnizing Mascara and for the lips, apply a soft pink color. I recommend Pink Twinkle Lipstick mixed with Shine Lip Gloss.

— Reiva Cruze