Product Focus: Eyebrow Creams

product focus eyebrow creams

Whether it’s Cara Delevingne’s bushy brows or Instagram’s wavy eyebrow trend, eyebrows have dominated the make-up world for the last few seasons. However, unless you have perfect natural brows (and if you do, we’re all jealous), getting your eyebrows ‘on-fleek’ takes a little bit of care. In a world filled with eyebrow pencils, gels, and everything in between, finding the best product can be challenging. That’s why we at MUD engineered our line of Eyebrow Creams.

The unique formula fits into MUD’s Refillable 1″ Eye Compact, Universal Palette, or any MUD Palette that contains a well for eye products. Unlike some other eyebrow products, these Eyebrow Creams won’t dry out if exposed to air, they don’t require an air-tight seal. In fact, we love our eyebrow creams so much that we engineered a special brush just for this product. The #220 Brush comes with an ultra-sharp, short angled brush on one end and a spoolie on the other for your on-the-go convenience. This allows you to articulate perfect, hair-like strokes with even more precision than an angled eyeliner brush.

To use MUD’s eyebrow cream, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Brush up the brows with a spoolie so that you expose any sparse areas and can see the natural direction of the eyebrow hairs.

Step 2. Look directly in the mirror and use your unique eye shape to find the ideal position for the brows. First, align the inner corner of the brow with your tear duct. Next, the center and arch of the brow should fall in line with the outer edge of your iris. Last, the second half of the eyebrow should be as long as the distance between the inner corner of the brow and the arch, so that the eyebrows are balanced and even.

Step 3. Dip the angled end of your #220 brush in the cream, swiping both sides of the brush so as to create a sharp tip. Following the natural direction of your eyebrow hairs, apply the cream in short strokes throughout the brow.

PRO TIP: For more dimension, use two shades of the eyebrow cream, filling in the general shape of the brow with the lighter color and adding in the darker color from the arch through the end of the brow.

Step 4. Brush the brows into place with a little bit of MUD’s brow fix for a finished look!

Be Inspired: Holiday Make-up Tutorial


‘Tis the season for giving–and, for holiday gatherings and festive make-up! We were inspired to take our beautiful wine color Concord for the eyes and adding a little depth with Semisweet. Since it is the holidays, we thought why not add a little Tinsel and Ice. Not only did this color combo sound festive, but they worked together like magic! Enjoy this step-by-step provided to you by our MUD artists Sean Conklin and Briana Perkins. Cheers!

Step 1)  Apply eye color Ice on the inner corner of the lid with Brush 350Step 2) Apply the eye color Tinsel on the center of the lid with Brush 350. Blend into Ice, then toward the outer corner. Step 3) Apply the eye color Concord in a v shape on the outer corner of the eye with Brush 300. Follow the crease toward the inner corner with the side angle of the brush. Step 4) Add the Semisweet eye color to the outer edge and the crease with Brush 300. Blend to soften the hard edges. Step 5) Add definition to the eye with a wet application of the Black Cake Liner and Brush 100. Step 6) Complete look with Cool Mauve Cheek Color and the Java Lip Glaze.

Holiday Make-up Inspiration Pictorial


Glitz & Glam Face Chart by MUD Artist Vanja Djuran

The latest issue of MUD Art includes this beautiful step-by-step illustration for creating a dramatic, glamorous make-up look. Some might say it’s theatrical, others might say it’s perfect for the holidays. Either way, we might all agree that it’s simply stunning.

Eye Colors: Bone, Taupe, Statue, Pavement, Canvas, Onyx | MUD Cake Liner in Black | CFX Wheel 1 Black
Face: Dual Finish Pressed Powder in Light 2 (DFL2)
Brushes: #100 #210 #300 #340 #810
Lips: Sandy Beach

Available on

Day of the Dead Make-up Tutorial

Step 8 Floral Head Piece
Dia De Los Muertos

Contributor: Briana Perkins, MUD Make-up Artist In our recent Free Saturday Workshop held at MUD NY and MUD LA (See Eventbrite Calendar for upcoming workshops) we created a colorful skull make-up  that is widely used in the Dia de los Muertos Celebrations, a Mexican tradition dated back to the time of the Aztecs and Halloween. Festivities are held to honor dead loved ones with offerings of food, sugar skulls, marigolds and altars, taking place between October 31 through November 2. Learn more about the Dia de los Murertos tradition: In case you missed the live event, we recreated the look in a step-by-step pictorial below. (1) First, prep the skin with MUD’s Face Primer. This will help the cream products to glide on evenly. (2) Next, cover the entire face with the white cream from the Character FX Wheel and then powder with Zero Loose Powder and #720 Brush to set the cream. (3) Using MUD’s Cake Eyeliner in black and the 900# Brush, start to outline the different designs desired for the face. Don’t worry if the designs aren’t perfect because this will blend nicely with the eye colors. (The #900 brush is amazing for this kind of detail work!) (4) Begin coloring in the design with the eye colors. The colors I chose for this look are: Sugared Violet, Voodoo, Velvetine, Onyx and Daisy.  The #800 & # 810 brushes are amazing for blending the colors together and for smudging away any harsh lines. Have fun and be playful with colors; day of the dead is all about the décor and multitude of colors. (Tip: If you use the eye colors wet it will intensify the look even further) (5) Use MUD’s Eye Pencil in  black to outline the petals around the eyes. If you want to bump up this look further, you can glue gems around this area using Duo eyelash glue. (6) Using Velvetine (or the color of your choice) use the #510 Brush to contour your cheekbones, temples and forehead. (7) Finish the look with filigree again using the cake liner and #900 brush. The more detailed the better! (8) A Dia de Los Muertos look wouldn’t be complete without a floral headdress. Dress it up however you would like and celebrate a day to honor all our loved ones that have passed. Feliz Dia de los Muertos! ~Briana

MUD’s Fall 2014 Make-up Tutorial

This make-up takes the 2014 Runway look: deep, wine colored lip and full brow and turns up the power by intensifying the eye, while balancing the look with a wash of cheek color. This look spotlights MUD’s new lip color Burlesque.

Products Used: Eyes: Brownstone Eye Color, Black Cake Eyeliner Lips: Mauve Lip Pencil, Burlesque Lipstick | Get the Look | See Behind the Scenes Photos of the Campaign


Face Chart Fall 2014
Face Chart Artist: Sean Conklin


This look puts emphasis on the brows and lips and is more subtle on the eye make-up.

Brow: To create a “classic” eyebrow, follow the guidelines below. The inner brow line starts above the tear duct.

The arch (center line) is located at the outer edge of the iris. The outer brow is equal space from the inner brow line to the center line.

Draw in eye brow with a light shade in pencil or eye color. Once you achieved the “look”, layer the color with a slightly darker color for depth.

Eyes: For a soft and subtle eye treatment, use the Brownstone Eye Color with Brush 320.

Apply the color with a light sweeping motion from the lash line and cover the entire lid. Remove the excess color from the bristles and blend the hard edge in the crease to soften the look.

To define the eye, use the Black Cake Liner with the 100 Brush on the top lash line. Top it off with a coat of Volumizing Mascara.

For added dimension, apply the Brownstone on the lower lash line with Brush 210.

Lips: Use the Mauve Lip Pencil to define the lip line and to deepen the lip color. Layer the Burlesque Lipstick with Brush 310 for a rich color.


Brow: To create a “classic” eyebrow, follow the guidelines below. The inner brow line starts above the tear duct.

The arch (center line) is located at the outer edge of the iris.

The outer brow is equal space from the inner brow line to the center line.

Draw in eye brow with a light shade in pencil or eye color. Once you achieved the “look”, layer the color with a slightly darker color for depth.

Eyes: To achieve this dramatic eye application, use a wet application of the Brownstone Eye Color with Brush 210. Do not spray water directly into the product. Dampen the bristles and then work into the color.

Open your eyes and look straight ahead.  If a good portion of your lid is exposed, place the brush on the center of the lid in the inner corner. Drag the brush through the center of the lid toward the outer corner of the eye.

Lift the outer edge to create a wing-like shape. Repeat the steps closer to the lash line using the Black Cake Liner. Keep the Brownstone exposed for the double liner effect. If you have a heavy fold or (hooded eye), apply the wet application of Brownstone slightly above the crease.

Use the Black Cake Liner to completely cover the entire lid. Meet the lines just above the crease in a winged-like shape.

Next, follow the lower lash line with a soft application of Brownstone with Brush 320.

Add the Black Cake Liner to define the lash line with Brush 210. Extend the lower lash line for a more dramatic look. Apply Lash 101.

Lips:  The dabbed lip is in for fall/winter 2014-15! To get this look, use your ring finger to apply the Burlesque Lipstick for a soft lip that still draws attention.


Mood Board_Fall 2014_Page_4_Eyes



How to Create a Flawless Face and Bumping it up with a Smoky Eye

Make-up Designory (MUD) has partnered with the Miss Universe Organization as this year’s Official Cosmetics Sponsor of 2014 MISS USA® and 2014 MISS TEEN USA® competitions. Since our MUD Alumni will take part in beautifying the contestants for the competition, we thought we’d show you how to create the beautiful looks seen on stage. In this video playlist, MUD’s Lead Make-up Artist shows you how to create a flawless face make-up and also, how to create a beautiful smoky eye.

We hope you enjoy the videos as much as we enjoyed producing them for you!

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Get the Look with MUD: Oscar Night 2014

The 2014 Academy Awards Show last night was very entertaining. Our favorite moments were: 1. Jared Leto‘s and Lupita Nyong’o‘s acceptance speeches. 2. Ellen ordering pizza and Brad Pitt having a slice (why not, he chipped in with a hefty tip!) 3. Witnessing “the most tweeted celebrity pic ever” happen live (2.9 retweets thus far) 4. Watching Adruitha Lee and Robin Mathews win for Make-up and Hairstyling 5. And, last, but not least, indulging in red carpet glamour! To keep the Oscar vibe alive, we chose three looks that you can recreate with MUD.

Margot Robbie: Sexy and Powerful

Brow: Margot’s brow is powerful and absolutely stunning.  To recreate this brow, use MUD’s 210 Brush to neatly shape, and fill using  MUD’s eye color in Espresso.

Eyes: Enhance the lashes by using  MUD’s eyelash curler on the natural lash, then follow up by applying  MUD’s Volumizing Mascara.

Cheek: Lightly load MUD’s 700 brush with Berry cheek color and apply a dust of color to create a slight contour and apply just a dab of color on the apples of the cheek.

Lips: Line the lips with Mauve Lip Liner and lightly fill in the lip. Top with MUD’s sheer lipstick in Eggplant. (The mauve liner is perfect to deepen reds and purples.)

 Jennifer Lawrence: Sweet and Youthful

Although Jennifer’s make-up is soft and subtle, her slight feline flick gives her make-up that youthful pop.

Brow: Use MUD’s Browfix gel to keep the brow looking natural, but groomed.

Eyes: Apply a soft dusting of MUD’s eye color in Pixie with the 320 brush. Use MUD’s Cake Liner in Black with MUD’s angled liner #210 brush

Cheek: Apply MUD’s Cheek Color in Soft Peach using the 710 brush in soft, upward strokes starting from apple of the cheek toward the ear.

Lips: Mix MUD’s lip colors in Just Peachy and Pink twinkle and apply with lip brush #310.

Kerry Washington: Classic Beauty

Brow: Kerry’s brows are just slightly filled in, but kept very natural. Use brow brush 210 and lightly follow the shape of the natural brow with eye color espresso.

Eyes: Strip of lashes = instant glamour. For a classic glamour eye, use MUD’s Eyelash strip #107 then apply just a bit of mascara using MUD’s Mini Mascara Fan Brush. The Fan brush lets you get to the root of the lash and glide upward without pulling the strip. Apply liner on the upper lash line using MUD’s Cake Liner in Black and MUD’s #100 Eyeliner brush to achieve a precise, clean line.

Lips: Kerry’s lips are bold and beautiful. As we mentioned above, MUD’s Mauve lip pencil can be used to deepen reds and purples. Use Mauve Lip Pencil to softly line and fill in the lips. Apply MUD’s lip color in Blackberry with the 310 lip brush.

For more tutorials, visit our Youtube page.

Smoky Eye Workshop

If you didn’t make it to our Free Smoky Eye Workshop in L.A. or N.Y., don’t worry, we’ve detailed the steps for you below!

Item List:

Eyes: Bone, Honeysuckle, Chamois, Sienna, Espresso, Onyx

Black Eye Pencil

Volumizing Mascara

Get the Smoky Eye Kit


330 Brush

800 Brush

Travel Brush Kit

Eyes: First, apply a Cream Foundation on the top lids and set with a Loose Powder to create a smooth surface for the eye color treatment. Begin with a highlight on the brow bone. A mixture of Bone and Honeysuckle is the perfect demi-matte for highlight. Blend the combo from the base of the eye brow to the crease of the eye with Brush 330. With a windshield wiper motion from the crease of the eye, build a soft shadow into the highlight with the 800 Brush and the Chamois Eye Color. For warmth and to reinforce the crease use the 800 Brush and the Sienna Eye Color. Start from the outer corner of the crease and as you follow the crease to the inner corner, lighten up on the pressure. This will allow you to sheer out and taper the Sienna Eye Color. Make sure to lightly blend upward into the Chamois. At this point, you should have a gradient of color from the crease of the eye into the highlight. Use Brush 330 with the Espresso Eye Color and stipple on the entire lid. Connect the outer corner and create a deep drop shadow for the smoky with Brush 800 and the Espresso. For more drama, deepen the outer corner with the Onyx Eye Color. Blend from the outer corner on the top and lower lid. Be careful not to drop the outer corner of the eye. Line the top and lower water line with the Black Eye Pencil and top this smoky look with a generous coat of Volumizing Mascara.

To register for our FREE Saturday make-up workshops, visit our Eventbrite page. If you have any questions about the steps above, general make-up application, or to make suggestions on future blog topics, please leave a comment here, or contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you!

MUD Mascara Fan Brush

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Sometimes all a girl wants are long-lasting natural eyelashes. Instead she ends up with clumpy, flaky, messy eyes. Get right to the very root of the problem using a technique professional makeup artists at Make-up Designory (MUD) swear by: The Fan Brush.

This tiny fan-shaped brush is a great alternative to mascara wands. Unlike a mascara wand, the 100 percent synthetic fiber bristles of the brush apply color to each lash from the root above and below to the outer tip. The flat shape allows for a superfine, smooth, clump-free finish.

Here are MUD’s quick tips on how to maximize the Fan Brush benefits:

1. Carefully squeeze a small amount of MUD’s Squeezable Tube Mascara directly from the wand to the Fan Brush.

2. Load both sides of the #500 Mini Mascara Fan Brush with color about halfway down the bristles.

3. Start with your upper lashes by sweeping the brush outward, over and under the lashes, emphasizing on the lashlines.

4. Continue application and come up from underneath working the roots from the inner corner to the outer edge. Avoid clusters by blinking whilst brushing.

5. Finish off by applying to lower lashes for a doe-eyed look. Clean after every use with a professional brush-cleaner or baby shampoo.

Insider’s Tip: Use this method to squeeze the last bits of the mascara on the Fan Brush when it’s time to throw away the tube.

Synthetic Brush #500 and Squeezable Tube Mascara are available for purchase on

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Day to Night With the Fall Northland Tale Kit


Last weekend, we played up three different Fall looks from The Northland Tale Kit in our Free Saturday Workshop. Here’s what you missed.

Brisk Fall Day:

Eyes: Create a subtle and beautiful fall day appearance with the softer colors in the Northland Tale Kit. Begin with Dulce de Leche on the lid as a muted shimmery highlight with Brush 330S. Next, apply a small amount of the velvety Brownstone Eye Color on the crease from the outer corner to the inner corner in a windshield wiper motion with Brush 800S. The darkest area should be where the lid and crease meet on the outer corner. Blend upward to soften the edge. With Brush 800S and small circular motions, use the Rose Beige Cheek Color to add warmth. Finish the look with the Cream or Volumizing Mascara.

Cheeks: Use the Rose Beige Cheek Color to add a natural flush to the cheeks.

Lips: Subtly draw attention to the lips with the Bare Lip Glaze.

Crisp Fall Evening:

Eyes: To play up the highlights and shadows for a crisp evening look, follow the day look and then add dimension to the eye area. Quickly sweep the Dulce de Leche on the brow bone with Brush 330S. For a bold, beautiful, sultry eye that reflects light, stipple or pat the Bronzed Eye Color on the entire lid with Brush 330S. Next, play up the shadow in the crease with the Midnight Eye Color and Brush 810. Proceed from the outer corner of the crease and taper the color toward the inner corner. Blend well with a clean 800S Brush. Define the eye with a wet application of the Midnight Eye Color. Use a damp 210 Angle Brush to define the top lash line. Complete the evening look with the Cream or Volumizing Mascara.

Smoky Eye: First, follow the day and evening look. Now, focus on the lower lid. Layer the Brownstone and the Midnight Eye Colors with Brush 810 and blend.

Cheeks: Use the Rose Beige Cheek Color as a beautiful Fall Cheek Color and/or to create a natural contour.

Lips: Subtly draw attention to the lips with the Bare Lip Glaze.

— Sean Conklin