Fall Make-up Tutorial: Get the Perfect Smoky Eye with Warm Seasonal Tones

From chunky knit sweaters to pumpkin spice everything, fall is officially in the air! Smoky eyes may be “in” year round, but this warm tone smoky eye forgoes the usual black and grey and utilizes layered Eye Colors like Canyon, Espresso, and Semisweet, to create this rich brown look. Follow along below to learn how to get the perfect smoky eye to complement the bolder, earthier styles of the season!

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Halloween Make-up Tutorial: How to Get a Quick and Easy Pop Art Inspired Lip

Halloween is only one week away and the countdown is on to find the perfect costume! Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than a procrastinator-friendly Halloween look that requires little costume shopping effort, and extensive makeup. If you’re on a time crunch this Halloween, try out our tutorial below for this bold, Pop Art inspired lip. It uses MUD staples, likely product you already own, and requires only five products in total. Pair it with some pop art inspired eyes and brows, throw on some neon apparel and you’ve got the perfect Insta-worthy costume!

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Product Focus: Sandy Beach Lipstick & Maple Lip Pencil


sandy beach and maple banner

There are certain questions that most people can agree will never truly be answered. “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” “Why does round pizza come in a square box?” “Why is there no perfect nude lip color?” These questions rattle around in my head, some more often than others. I mostly feel confident that the egg came first and pizza tastes best round but that it’s harder to carry a round box, but the nude lip- that one had me stumped; until now!

Trust me; I know better than anyone how hard it can be to feel satisfied with a nude lip color. Either the shade is too deep, too light, too peachy, too this, too that. Or worse *DUN DUN DUN* the formula is drying. In the past I have added layer upon layer of lipsticks, glosses, matte liquid lips, etc. always to feel like I was coming up short.

For those of you who, like myself, have found the perfect nude elusive, look no further than MUD’s Sandy Beach Lipstick paired with Maple Lip Pencil! This combination allows you to mix and match a bit giving you the perfect nude every time. Wondering how? Follow these steps to rectify all of your nude lip struggles:

  1. Moisturize your lips with your favorite balm or chapstick (give them a bit of a scrub if  needed)
  2. Begin applying Maple Lip Pencil in steady, even strokes around the perimeter of the lip following the natural lip line
  3. Taper in the Maple to aid in the blending of the pencil and lip stick
  • For fairer skin tones use a light hand and gently blend slightly inward to the center of the lip
  • For medium to deep skin feel free to be more generous when applying the liner, coating as much of the lip as you desire
  1. Apply Sandy Beach Lipstick  using a lip brush, finger, or straight from the tube in a gentle patting motion beginning in the center of your lips blending outward to meet the lip pencil (add product slowly and build up to desired finish- a little goes a long way!)
  2. Take a long deep exhale and pat yourself on the back for conquering the Nude Lip Struggle!

*Pro Tip* Apply and blend lip product with finger tips, the body heat from finger tips gently warms up the product allowing it to sink into the lips for a flawless, natural finish! This technique also allows for product control and saves you from adding too much lipstick!

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The Nominees are in… 2018 Emmys

It’s mid-July, and you know what that means: Emmys Season! Last week, this year’s nominees were announced, and we are prouder than ever of all the amazing MUD grads who made the list. Recognized for their work on Game of Thrones, GLOW, Ru Paul’s Drag Race, and more, here’s all the MUD grads that were nominated this year:

emmys2Photo: Associated Press

Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series, Limited Series, Movie or Special

Emma Faulkes, Special Makeup Effects Artist

Game Of Thrones • The Dragon And The Wolf • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Bighead, Littlehead; 360, Television/Startling Television


Outstanding Makeup for a Single-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic)

Melissa Buell, Makeup Artist

Kristina Frisch, Makeup Artist

GLOW • Money’s In The Chase • Netflix • Glitter Pictures, LLC


Outstanding Makeup for a Multi-Camera Series or Special (Non-Prosthetic)

Nicole Faulkner, Makeup Artist

Jen Fregozo, Makeup Artist

RuPaul’s Drag Race • 10s Across The Board • VH1 • World of Wonder Productions


Gina Ghiglieri, Makeup Artist

The Voice • Live Finale, Part 1 • NBC • MGM Television, Talpa Media USA, Inc., Warner Horizon Unscripted & Alternative Television


Outstanding Makeup for a Limited Series or Movie (Non-Prosthetic)

Carleigh Herbert, Additional Makeup Artist

American Horror Story: Cult • FX Networks • Twentieth Century Fox Television


Melissa Buell, Makeup Artist

The Last Tycoon • Oscar, Oscar, Oscar • Prime Video • TriStar Television, Inc. and Amazon Studios


Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series, Limited Series, Movie or Special

Carleigh Herbert, Additional Makeup Artist

American Horror Story: Cult • FX Networks • Twentieth Century Fox Television


Hugo Villasenor, Special Makeup Effects Artist

Star Trek: Discovery • Will You Take My Hand? • CBS (CBS All Access) • CBS Television Studios / Secret Hideout / Roddenberry Entertainment


Outstanding Hairstyling for a Limited Series or Movie

Natalie Driscoll, Key Hairstylist

The Assassination Of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story • FX Networks • Fox 21 Television Studios and FX Productions


Congratulations to all that are nominated! 

Product Focus: Firebrick Eye Color


SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSMOKIN’!– Jim Carrey in “The Mask”* on Firebrick eyeshadow (early 2000’s)

Do you ever feel like you woke up one day in a world where everyone is rocking pops of colors out the wazoo? As I sit here with my usual, standard makeup look, I felt like everyone around me was standing out as I blended in. I was struggling to incorporate more color into my looks until a little fire was sparked inside of me- Firebrick. I found Firebrick to be the most wearable pop of color and it was the easiest for my nude-loving self to incorporate.


For those of you a little more on the conservative side, a bright warm orange may seem intimidating to throw into your everyday look; however gently blending a bit of Firebrick into your crease or transition area allows you to spice up an otherwise average eye look.

Once you’re feeling a little more aquatinted to adding color into your makeup,  I recommend you jump right in and start having some fun! There are plenty of ways to make a statement with Firebrick; here are some of my favorite techniques!

Drop Shadow! Daily, I blend the same two warm browns under my eye for a subtle hint of drama; swapping my usual shadows with Firebrick gave my eyes a bold pop that isn’t overwhelming. To do this, dip into the shadow pan with a flat brush like MUD 410 or 400. Gently run it back and forth under your lower lash line, building to your desired opacity.


Pack it on! I spiced up an evening smoky eye by adding Firebrick on my lid, creating a look that helped me stand out in a crowded room! To achieve this red-hot look, use warm browns in your crease and outer corner of eye. Deepen the shades as you concentrate more on the outer “V” and work your way down. Once you’ve built your standard smoky base, liberally apply Firebrick to your lid using a packer brush like MUD 350. If you want to kick it up a notch, dampen your brush and apply Firebrick wet by patting it over your existing shadow.

Pro Tip: To achieve a vibrant editorial look, apply a wash of Firebrick eye shadow all over the lid on a wet brush.

While I will always be a monochromatic, nude-loving makeup artist at heart, Firebrick has open the door to get me out of comfort zone, stay on trend, and have a little fun!


Product focus : Spark




Dunkin Donuts – the corner of Rector and Greenwich – grabbing breakfast before a busy days work at MUD Studio NY.

“Large coffee and a glazed donut, please.”

I’m waiting for the elevator when I go to grab a bite of my donut, I realize … this is my ideal highlight. It’s dewy, it’s glistening, it’s creamy and so much more.

But seriously, who doesn’t love a good highlight. As someone who’s constantly on the search for the ultimate glow, I was so excited when I got the email that MUD would be releasing our very own highlight shade, Spark! For weeks, I anxiously awaited to arrival of our new cheek color, hoping it would be as radiant, pigmented and silky as the highlighter of my dreams. When it finally came time to reveal Spark, it did not disappoint.

spark_alexis2Above - Alexis wearing Spark as a highlight

Spark is a shimmery golden-beige powder designed to complete your make-up, giving the skin a warm natural glow. While Spark is ideal for highlighting and illuminating it can also be mixed with matte cheek colors to add a touch of shimmer. It’s buildable formula will allow you to create a subtle daytime glow or layer it to achieve a dramatic high shine look.

NEW_Spark_instagram2 Spark swatched

If you’re going for a natural day look apply Spark with a loosely pack fan brush, like MUD Brush #510. If you’re trying to blind with your highlight, use a damp, dense brush like MUD Brush #620 and apply Spark in thin layers.

Pro Tip: For an all over glow that will work just as well for a model on set as it will for bride on her big day, try mixing a dime size amount of our MUD Face Primer with your Spark Cheek Color and apply to high points of the face and body with  fingers or a brush.


Think of me and my donut the next time you go to highlight with our new cheek color, Spark!

Alexis Chance,  Store Manager at MUD Studio NY


Joy Prom Las Vegas 2017 – A night to remember…

I am not sure where to begin as I have never written a blog. I prefer to tell my story face to face, so the person I am telling it to can experience the joy with me.


Joy Prom Las Vegas started for me in June of 2008 while I was sitting at a dog park talking with Bobby, a fellow dog lover. We were talking about the weather, our lives and families, our dogs, our work, and things that were special to us. Bobby informed me that he was a pastor at a local church and had started an event called Joy Prom, which is a full-scale prom for teenagers and adults with cognitive and physical impairments. He explained that the girls get their hair and make-up done, while the guys get their shoes shined. They then walk down a red carpet, with volunteers screaming for autographs, as an MC announces their names.


Hearing the joy in Bobby’s voice overwhelmed me and I knew from that moment, that I needed to be a part of this magical night. Right there, without even knowing what would be asked of me or what I would need to ask of MUD, I pledged my support and told him from this point on, my wife Allison, MUD, and I would take care of all the hair and make-up needs. Since that day in 2008, the wonderful owners of MUD have not questioned anything that I have requested for Joy Prom Las Vegas.


In the beginning, we supplied the make-up and brushes and let each of the guests choose their favorite color (or colors) from our lip glaze collection to keep. Now, each guest also gets a goodie bag of eye colors and cheek colors to take home with them.


The attendees make this event special every year. Regardless if I have flown in from abroad that day or the day before, I am never too tired to smile. I get to see these amazing people who I only see once a year. When you get that hug because they remember you, it makes it that much more gratifying. Some guests even come with their make-up already done, but that does not stop them from coming into the make-up room to pick up their favorite lip glaze from MUD.

This year’s event meant just a little more to me because MUD’s CEO, Tate Holland, and his wife, Kayci finally got to come and experience the magic of Joy Prom –  just seeing the smile on Tate’s face, I knew right then that he now fully understood why I do this event year after year.


All the interactions that I have there are very special; they are moments that I hold close to my heart, but one interaction this year stood out. A couple came in to the make-up room, and the gentleman was pushing this beautiful woman in a white dress in a wheelchair up to the make-up station that my wife, Allison was at. As my wife was doing her make-up, I asked him how he was doing and that question led into a full-blown conversation. He pointed at his finger and was so excited to tell me, “she said yes!”. He told me that she works five days a week, and he three days a week, while the rest of the time he spends cleaning the house, but that’s okay because she said yes!

The reason this interaction stood out to me is that no matter who we are, what color our skin is, what religion we practice or what cognitive and or physical impairments we may have, we all have the same gripes and joys that come with life. To see the smile on his face when he was talking about his fiancé, and then to hear him complain about cleaning the house in the next breath, reminded me of myself, how much I love my wife, and that I don’t like to do chores either.


After all the fanfare was done and the guests had dinner, it was time for music and dancing.  Even after we did our part in the make-up room, we made it a priority to go see everyone having fun on the dance floor, because in that moment, no matter what is going on in the world, the only thing that matters is the music. This year, as we were in the dance hall, I heard Kayci say to Allison, “I need to get him out of here before he cries like a baby!”, as I turned around I saw Tate with a big smile on his face and his eyes watering, because in that moment he realized nothing else mattered.


Thank you, Bobby, wherever you may be, for starting this wonderful event so many years ago. It has changed my life, as well as so many others for the better. And a huge thank you to all of the volunteers who continue to help out with this event, and the M Casino and Resort, who so graciously donated so much.

-Troy Watson, Director of Sales at MUD Cosmetics


Click here to find out more about Joy Prom Las Vegas