Fall Make-up Tutorial: Get the Perfect Smoky Eye with Warm Seasonal Tones

From chunky knit sweaters to pumpkin spice everything, fall is officially in the air! Smoky eyes may be “in” year round, but this warm tone smoky eye forgoes the usual black and grey and utilizes layered Eye Colors like Canyon, Espresso, and Semisweet, to create this rich brown look. Follow along below to learn how to get the perfect smoky eye to complement the bolder, earthier styles of the season!

Products Used:

  • Brow Fix
  • Ash Eyebrow Cream
  • Warmth Highlight Powder
  • Burnish Contour Powder
  • Canyon Eye Color
  • Espresso Eye Color
  • Semisweet Eye Color
  • Volumizing Mascara
  • Eyelash #107
  • Vintage Eye Pencil
  • Black Eye Pencil
  • Spark Cheek Illuminator

Brushes & Tools Used:

  • #220 Brush
  • #610 Blender Brush
  • #800 Crease Brush
  • #320 Oval Shadow Brush
  • #625 Precision Blender Brush
  • Tweezers
  • MUD Eyelash Curler

1. Apply Brow Fix to your brows to tame any stray hairs.


2. Using Ash Eyebrow Cream or a complementary colored eyebrow cream and #220 Brush, make hair-like strokes to fill in your brows.


3. Use Warmth Highlight Powder with a #610 Blender Brush as a transition shade through your crease.


4. Blend Canyon Eye Color with #610 Blender Brush through your crease.


5. Use #800 Crease Brush to apply Burnish Contour Powder on the outer corner and lower crease and blend out with #610 Blender Brush. Go back with your #800 Crease Brush to intensify the crease if needed.


6. Apply Vintage Eye Pencil all over the lid as a base and blend out.


7. Layer Espresso Eye Color all over the lid on top of Vintage Eye Pencil.


8. Use #320 Oval Shadow Brush to apply Warmth Highlight Powder along the lower lash line to create a drop shadow effect.


9. Layer Vintage Eye Pencil over the upper and lower lash line to intensify.


10. Layer Semisweet Eye Color with #625 Precision Blender Brush on lower lash line.


11. Curl lashes using MUD Eyelash Curler.


12. Apply Volumizing Mascara in Black.


13. Apply Eyelash #107 with Tweezers.


14. Cover lash line with Black Eye Pencil to blend the false lashes into the natural lashes.


15. Add Spark Cheek Illuminator on the inner corner of the eye with #625 Precision Blender Brush. Pro tip: spray your brush with water first to intensify color.


16. Apply Spark Cheek Illuminator to brow bone with #625 Precision Blender Brush to highlight.



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