Halloween Make-up Tutorial: How to Get a Quick and Easy Pop Art Inspired Lip

Halloween is only one week away and the countdown is on to find the perfect costume! Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than a procrastinator-friendly Halloween look that requires little costume shopping effort, and extensive makeup. If you’re on a time crunch this Halloween, try out our tutorial below for this bold, Pop Art inspired lip. It uses MUD staples, likely product you already own, and requires only five products in total. Pair it with some pop art inspired eyes and brows, throw on some neon apparel and you’ve got the perfect Insta-worthy costume!

Products Used:

  • Red Lip Pencil
  • MUD Cream or Liquid Foundation
  • Black Cake Eyeliner
  • CFX Wheel #1
  • Black Eye Pencil

Brushes Used:

  • #320 Oval Shadow Brush
  • #100 Eyeliner Brush
  • #210 Angle Liner Brush
  • #400 Narrow Flat Brush

1. Start with a clean base

2. Using our Red Lip Pencil, line and fill in the entire lip.

3. Clean up any stray lines around the lip using a matching MUD Cream or Liquid Foundation and #320 Oval Shadow Brush.

4. Use the #100 Eyeliner Brush and Black Cake Eyeliner to outline the entire lip.

5. Draw lines downward along the inner part of the bottom lip using Black Cake Eyeliner.

6.  Draw lines upward along the inner part of the top lip using Black Cake Eyeliner.

7.  Using #210 Angle Liner Brush and CFX Wheel 1, add a white highlight. Pro tip: if the red lip color transfers into the white, powder area with Zero Loose Powder and #400 Narrow Flat Brush, then layer white over the top.

8. To fix any mistakes on the black lines, apply Black Eye Pencil over the top and blend out.


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