Product Focus: Deco

Of all the bright eye colors to try, I firmly believe that a fresh, matte turquoise like MUD’s Deco Eye Color is the easiest to incorporate into your everyday make-up routine. A shadow that blends easily with neutral bronze and gold shades, Deco is always perfect to make simple eyeshadows pop. Additionally, for days spent lounging on the beach, what better way to celebrate the season than with a mermaid-inspired look?

For me, a turquoise eye color has always been the staple statement drop shadow. The cool shade really pops on darker skin tones, and works especially well to define brown eyes. Every year when I get a tan, I love popping on a bit of blue shadow under the lash line with a thick black liner along the upper lash. To recreate the look, I recommend using MUD’s Cake Eyeliner with a #210 Angle Liner Brush and smudging in Deco along the bottom lashline with a #300 Shadow Blender Brush.

Deco also works well with our Bronzed Eye Color for a variety of looks. If you want to stick with the turquoise drop shadow, apply a wash of Bronzed with the #610 Blender Brush all over the lid and crease. To add even more dimension, pack a little bit of Spanish Gold on the center of the lid with the #300 Shadow Blender Brush.

deco bronzed amber.jpg

If you want the look to be a little bit bolder, pack Deco all over the lid with the #330 Shadow Fluff Brush. This can be worn on its own with just a little mascara for an editorial look, or with Bronzed applied in the crease for a summery smokey eye. An overall bronze eyeshadow look can even be accented with bright blue winged eyeliner or trendy blue dots along the lower lash. To experiment with some liner art, mix Deco with water or primer on a #100 Eyeliner Brush.

Deco can be purchased online, here.

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