Product Focus: Sandy Beach Lipstick & Maple Lip Pencil


sandy beach and maple banner

There are certain questions that most people can agree will never truly be answered. “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” “Why does round pizza come in a square box?” “Why is there no perfect nude lip color?” These questions rattle around in my head, some more often than others. I mostly feel confident that the egg came first and pizza tastes best round but that it’s harder to carry a round box, but the nude lip- that one had me stumped; until now!

Trust me; I know better than anyone how hard it can be to feel satisfied with a nude lip color. Either the shade is too deep, too light, too peachy, too this, too that. Or worse *DUN DUN DUN* the formula is drying. In the past I have added layer upon layer of lipsticks, glosses, matte liquid lips, etc. always to feel like I was coming up short.

For those of you who, like myself, have found the perfect nude elusive, look no further than MUD’s Sandy Beach Lipstick paired with Maple Lip Pencil! This combination allows you to mix and match a bit giving you the perfect nude every time. Wondering how? Follow these steps to rectify all of your nude lip struggles:

  1. Moisturize your lips with your favorite balm or chapstick (give them a bit of a scrub if  needed)
  2. Begin applying Maple Lip Pencil in steady, even strokes around the perimeter of the lip following the natural lip line
  3. Taper in the Maple to aid in the blending of the pencil and lip stick
  • For fairer skin tones use a light hand and gently blend slightly inward to the center of the lip
  • For medium to deep skin feel free to be more generous when applying the liner, coating as much of the lip as you desire
  1. Apply Sandy Beach Lipstick  using a lip brush, finger, or straight from the tube in a gentle patting motion beginning in the center of your lips blending outward to meet the lip pencil (add product slowly and build up to desired finish- a little goes a long way!)
  2. Take a long deep exhale and pat yourself on the back for conquering the Nude Lip Struggle!

*Pro Tip* Apply and blend lip product with finger tips, the body heat from finger tips gently warms up the product allowing it to sink into the lips for a flawless, natural finish! This technique also allows for product control and saves you from adding too much lipstick!

Shop Maple Lip Pencil

Shop Sandy Beach Lipstick 

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