Product Focus: Daisy Eyeshadow

When you stick to neutrals most of the time, it’s easy to fall into a rut with your daily make-up routine. Old go-to bronze and neutral shades can become a bore, and take the fun out of putting on make-up in the morning all together. However, there are many make-up looks you can wear day-to-day, once you open yourself up to the possibility of a little color. My personal favorite trend of summer 2018, for example, is bright yellow eyeshadow.


Luckily, MUD has us covered with a bright yellow-gold eye color, Daisy. The simplest way to rock this look is with a solid wash of the yellow shade all over the lids. I prefer to mix the eyeshadow with water or a little bit of MUD’s primer when I do this to make sure the shade is vibrant and pigmented. Just pack Daisy on the lid with a wet #320 Oval Shadow Brush and blend out the edges with the #800 Crease Brush for an easy, statement-making eyeEyeColor_Daisy copy

A second popular way to wear yellow eyeshadow is as a liner, and pairing Daisy with a little bit of primer or water sets you up for success. When I wear this look, I like to add our true-gold eyeshadow, Pyramid, in the inner corner to really elongate and open up the eyes. If you have a fairer complexion, I recommend adding a little bit of MUD’s Cake Eyeliner to maintain some definition and make sure the yellow doesn’t disappear into the skin. If you have a darker or more olive skin tone, however, feel free to wing out that yellow winged eyeliner as far as you would like, or even smudge a little bit of Daisy along the bottom and top lash line for a clever twist on the traditional smokey eye.

The most subtle way to wear this look is by placing a little Daisy along the inner corner of the eye and working it in across two-thirds of the lid with a #810 Smudger Brush and #320 Shadow Brush. Then, I recommend using a mix of Sunflower and Spanish Gold on a #330, #350, or #800 brush in the crease to soften out the look. Top off the eye with a little black eyeliner and you have a neutral going-out look with a sunny twist.

Daisy eyeshadow can be purchased here.

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