Chronicles of a Traveling Make-up Artist for MUD: First Stop, Dubai.

As I board the plane to begin my 16 hour journey to Dubai I’m nervous and excited all at the same time. Not knowing what to expect along with the excitement of discovering a new culture and meeting new people build up inside me as I settle into my seat. After many hours of sleeping, knitting, and countless movies I finally arrive at my destination. Welcome to Dubai!

My first day consisted of meeting with Citruss TV, a shopping channel, to do a run through of the recorded segment that would be taking place the next day followed by some tips and tricks videos to be put on their website. On our way to this meeting I notice the beautiful skyscrapers in the city and how incredibly clean and luxurious everything looks. As we are traveling, Reza, a MUD Dubai employee, informed me that many of the locals live in these extravagant villas and we stopped to see the 2 most extravagant of all; the prince and the king’s villas. Their villas are located across the street from one another and they are an amazing site to see. This picture is taken at the entrance of the kings villa, so you can get a sense of how far away “across the street” is for these two villas.

After doing much research on Dubai before my arrival, I was extremely interested in seeing the Burj Al Arab, so after our work was done I was able to do some sightseeing. Since the Burj Al Arab is a very high end hotel only guests were permitted to enter past the entry gate but this view was close enough for me to see how wonderfully constructed this structure is. Next we grabbed a bite to eat in a quaint shopping center next to the Burj Al Arab and sat by a picturesque river way.

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Later that evening we went to dinner at another location that I was dying to see, Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. After living in New York City for 10 years I am used to seeing these tall skyscrapers, but this one was definitely awe inspiring and a wonder to see. Sitting outdoors at a restaurant at the bottom of this grand tower was truly breathtaking. The water show that happens every half hour was icing on the cake of this magical experience.

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The next day we were up early for our filming with Citruss TV and presenter Rania Majdi Abu Zaid was an extremely gracious host. Here I did a live demonstration on how to use MUD’s highlight and shadow palette for contouring the face. Next, I layered MUD’s cream foundation over the contouring to give a flawless base match and to blend the contouring into the foundation. Finally, to add warmth and to blend the highlights and shadows together I used MUD’s Bubblegum Cheek Color to bring a beautiful glow back into the model’s cheeks.

Citruss TV filming

At this point of my trip I was extremely exhausted. My body trying to figure out what time zone I was in as well as being on my feet and traveling the city I was falling asleep in the car. But I quickly gained a second wind as we headed to the Wafi mall and into Salam where our products are available for purchase. This store is extremely high end with a very exclusive clientele. It was amazing to see how well our display looked in their retail location and how sleek and luxurious the entire store was. The entire staff was extremely accommodating and helpful. We sat in the store café sipping cappuccinos discussing the brand and product training.

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The next two days were filled with product knowledge training at the 5 star Taj Hotel. We hosted many of our salon owners, retailers and even freelance makeup artists who wanted to know more about MUD products and how each product is used and its multiple functions. We discussed how to get the perfect base match for your client, how to correct any imperfections on the face, the proper placement for each type of contouring on the face and so much more. We dove into the multiple colors that make up the lip cheek and eye colors and the infinite ways to create color combinations within each of them. The class was extremely engaged in the product and asked so many questions regarding the products. I have done many of these types of trainings before, but this was the first one that I had to adjust my methods in order to be sure that everyone was able to understand what I was trying to teach. I had to remind myself that to my audience I had an accent that was hard to understand and my humor or examples of different scenarios were foreign in this culture. By the end of the day everyone was on the same page and loved what MUD had to offer! This was such a fun group to work with.

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After the 2 days of training it was time to SHOP! Off to the Emirates mall we went where, of course, I had to see the famous ski slope inside the mall. Such extravagant shops and restaurants were within this gigantic mall.

Mona and I in the Emirates Mall

Finally as my trip came to an end, we had our goodbye dinner. I was overwhelmed at how extravagant this culture is. Everywhere I went I was catered to above and beyond all expectations. I was so happy to be surrounded by my new MUD family who were the most gracious hosts I could have ever asked to take care of me during my short time in Dubai. We could have taken a nice sweet picture where everyone is looking their best, but that is not my style… SILLY FACES!! I can’t wait to come back soon. I want to send a huge thank you to Matheus, Reza, and the beautiful Mona for all that you did for me on this trip, I am blessed to call you all my new friends!

Matheus, myself, Reza and Mona

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