Mud Presents 2012 Graduate Nicole Elle Rogers


Nicole Elle Rogers developed her passion for the arts while studying at Pennsylvania State University. She later studied abroad in Florence, Italy at SACI where she honed her skills in facial anatomy and sculpting.

We Caught up with Nicole at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week where she worked with a team of MUD make artists for the Art Institutes Spring 2015 show. This is Nicole’s fourth season working Mercedes-Benz Fashion week! Her work can be seen on shows like the Ricardo Seco’s Runway show and Rocco Leo Gaglioti where she did both hair and makeup for the models. Her resume is substantial and includes a series of Film, Television, Movie Posters, Commercials, Print Editorials and Runway work. She has also worked as the Key Makeup artist for brands like MTV, American Express, Mastercard, OLAY, Ebay, Equinox, Anthropolie and Disney to name a few.

Nicole reflected on her time at MUD, telling us she considers the school a driving force behind most of her work. While studying at MUD Nicole not only gained the tools and resources necessary for success, she also learned from some of the most esteemed professionals in the beauty industry. Nicole found Beauty 301 which is the last class of the Fashion Makeup Artistry curriculum the most beneficial. In Beauty 301 Nicole learned how to market herself, how to interview for certain brands and how to manage her freelance career. MUD’s Career Services Department which offers current students and graduates continuous support throughout their career played an integral role in Nicole’s success. The job board was particularly helpful as a resource for her to obtain information regarding potential freelance jobs. Nicole recalls doing any job she found on the board regardless of the pay, this enabled her to put her name out there and make connections with up and coming directors, photographers, producers, models and other industry professionals. The relationships Nicole cultivated through MUD are a major factor contributing to her success.
MUD products are still an important aspect of Nicole’s makeup kit today. We caught Nicole using MUD’s Blue Deco Shadow on all of the models at the Art Institutes Mercedes-Benz show this spring. Nicole favors the MUD Palettes and concealers using them for various Film, TV and Webseries job’s. Even Nicole’s brushes have significance “I still have my full set of brushes I learned on which is cool, I keep them close to my heart.”

A quote which inspires Nicole is “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” Nicole’s dreams certainly are big enough, congratulations Nicole and keep up the great work!

Article by: Stacia McCarthy

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