Fall/Winter 2013 Trend Report Straight From the NYFW Runway

SOURCE: www.beautypress.com – Fall/Winter 2013 Trend Report Straight From the NYFW Runway.

Fall/Winter 2013 Trend Report Straight From the NYFW Runway

Fall/Winter 2013 Trend Report Straight From the NYFW Runway

Skin on the models from the runways tends to be matte for Fall/Winter and well into Spring/Summer 2014. Blush applied to the highest point of the cheeks were either very natural shades similar to skin tone or skipped entirely. As matte as face was seen to be for this season, cheekbones and the nose were kept highlighted.

A dark purple or burgundy lip is always on trend for the Fall/Winter season and even more so in 2013. Forget about applying lipstick perfectly, embrace imperfections for a smudged, lip stain look. Keep brows bold for a powerful look in the face to compliment your beauty look.

There are three rules for eyes this season:

1. Go dark. Take the blackest eye shadow you own use your finger or brush to blend in the black very concentrated on the lids and into the crease. This season for a smoky eye there are no harsh edges to keep it looking clean. The messier and care free the better.

2. Go bare. Skip every eye shadow, and if you aren’t going to skip shadow use a shade similar to your skin tone or one or two shades darker. If you want to skip eye shadow but want an eye alternative, try smearing some lip gloss on your eye lids for a polished look.

3. Go bold. Take harvested colors like orange/brown/crimson red for the fall and ice blues, metallic purple, metallic anything for the winter. Use one single color on the lid and all the way up past the crease for a clean colorful look that won’t need any liner and only a bit of mascara.


Graphic eyeliner was seen at plenty of shows for the Fall/Winter 2013 season as well. Try bold, clean edges on your eyes and you might be enamored with how futuristic you look. Another big eye look this season is the black to brown fade out eye. Take your blackest black eye shadow, keep it concentrated on the lids and then take a matte brown shadow and blend (extremely well) into your eye crease.

Glitter eyes were seen on some runways. This look is not done by using glitter eye shadow this look is done by taking glitter appliques and applying them to your eyelids for a disco ball, holiday party, new year’s ready look.

Fall/Winter 2013 Hair

Mid part, deep side part, or completely slicked back, your hair can be styled any way really to be on trend. The most important hair trends are texturethe wet look, and keeping things low.

Seen backstage at the shows, most hairstylists used dry shampoos on the roots and teased hair to create volume and texture to either then create waves to pin up for some type of up-do hairstyle or to leave hair completely out and carefree.

The wet look seen on many runways was mostly styled completely slicked back for an androgynous look. Lead hairstylists used hair oils to drench hair into a slick, just got out of the shower look.

Low ponytails, simple low knotted buns, the nape of the neck is getting all of the action of this season. If you don’t want to wear your hair completely down then group it all together right at the neck.

Long side braids or braids twisted into buns are also very on trend for the season.

Fall/Winter 2013 Nails

Nude, clean manicured nails graced each models hands walking down the runway. Polishes in the same color as skin, browns, nudes, whites, and peaches were observed. If polish wasn’t from the nude family then it was dark and sometimes even had a marbleized effect like seen at Joanna Mastroianni’s collection.

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