MUD at the Ankara Festival of LA 2013

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The African fashion trends at the 2014 Ankara Festival in Los Angeles were far more than dazzling. The high fashion event held at The Avalon in Hollywood showcased some of Africa’s hottest designers and popular music artists. If you think Fashion Week in New York was inspiring, the looks of this year’s show in Hollywood brings a new meaning to the word “revolutionary.”

MUD Make-up Artists were on hand to polish off the look with a dewy foundation, metallic smoky eyes, and a nude lip. The bold contoured faces of the models as they strut down the runway were topped off with straight, elegant styles.

Designers included Korto Momula (Liberia,) Afrique Expression (Nigeria,) Dewan Apparel (Nigeria,) Nice Trads (Nigeria) Nsaa House of Designs (Ghana,) OYATO Designs (Nigeria,) Solome Katongole (Uganda,) Sumahrie Collections (Sierra Leone,) and Tee Designs (Nigeria.)

Hair styling was provided by Paul Mitchell Schools in Sherman Oaks.

Event Partners like TOMS, Twin of A Kind, and Primo Arts helped bring the event together for a packed house of guests.

MUD Marketing and PR Coordinator, Svenya Nimmons talked with the press about MUD’s excitement about working in such a creative and vibrant community.

“MUD’s desire to continue the beauty lines beyond US borders is part of what makes us thrive at the moment. The magic of performance make-up that boasts the vibrancy of so many cultures, divides us from into so many realms of beauty for all women.”

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