A Smile That Naturally Shines


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When you mix the Natural Lip Pencil with the Shine Lip Gloss, you’ll have a natural color with a beautiful shine and a long lasting wear. A smile that naturally shines!

Here’s how:

For definition, follow the lip line with the Natural Lip Liner. Start in the center of the top lip, also known as the Cupid’s Bow. Draw up to the peaks of the Cupid’s Bow. From the peaks, follow the lip line without exceeding the edge of the lip. Then, draw out to meet the outside corners. On the lower lip, begin from the outside corner and draw to the center of the lip. Repeat on the other side. Not only is the Natural Lip Pencil a liner, it’s also great for a pop of color. Lightly fill in the entire lip with the Natural Lip Pencil. Top it off with the Shine Lip Gloss with your finger or the Portable 310 Lip Brush.

Tip: In some cases, to create balance to the lips and the entire face, we need to identify and correct irregular shaped lips. Look for equal weight; top and lower lip and from side to side. When doing the correction you may have to over draw or under draw in certain areas with the Natural Lip Pencil. To add dimension to the lip, you could always reinforce the naturally highlighted area around the mouth with a Cream Highlight. To finish this look, use your finger or 310S Portable Lip Brush with the Shine Lip Gloss.

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