MUD Cosmetics Nigeria Unveiled As the Official Makeup Company for the Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant

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June 11 2013, Lagos Nigeria- The Intercontinental Hotel hosted 36 of the most beautiful and inspirational young women from around the country as it held a Press Conference for the upcoming Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant.

Mrs Elohor Aisien, Creative Director of the Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant took center stage to formally introduce the 36 contestants to the audience who cheered as each contestant was called.

At the event, MUD Cosmetics Nigeria was unveiled as the official Makeup Company for the 2013 Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant. The MUD team was present to prep all ladies for their first official outing as Miss Nigeria Contestants.

Since its launch, MUD Cosmetics Nigeria has made significant strides towards establishing the brand as one of the top make-up brands in Nigeria. This marks another great feat for MUD as they look forward to working with all the contestants.

MUD will be present as contestants are housed in preparation for the grand finale. Services to be provided by MUD include Makeup tips, Mini-workshop sessions, makeup games and more. Contestants will be groomed and taught different facets of beauty, as it is an integral part of their success as “the” potential Miss Nigeria.

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