Taking Care of Business: Cleaning Your Brushes

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As a make-up artist, there are three key ingredients to your career: your tools, your talk, and your talent. Your tools get the job done. Your talk (and what people are saying about you), bring in new business, and your talent shows up to confirm what you say you’re able to do.

Your tools say a lot about your professionalism without saying a word and those in the industry know quality at first glance.  MUD brushes are a collection of exceptional, premium tools designed by the artists of Make-up Designory.  The finest natural and synthetic fibers are chosen for each specific brush to create the perfect look and to last a long time.

Here are a few tips to help care for your brushes:

  • To preserve brushes, clean regularly with a professional brush cleaner.
  • While cleaning brushes, only dip the bristle s in the cleaner and wipe off the product with a tissue.
  • To prevent the glue under the ferrule from loosening, do not let the brush cleaner go beyond the bristles or set the brushes in the cleaner for a long period of time.
  • To preserve the shape, lay brushes against the skin rather than pushing bristles directly onto the skin when applying product.

When it comes to your tools, brushes are a major investment and the saying “you get what you pay for” goes a long way. Check out the MUD tools and brushes available at http://mudshop.com/tools.html.

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