Industry Speaks: Cory Bishop with Stila Cosmetics!

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Cory is a makeup artist from New York City with 15 years of experience. He has traveled the world to share his passion with celebrities, models and real women across the globe. Cory was the International artist and educator for Temptu, and he presently works for Stila Cosmetics as the Manager of Pro Artistry and Sales. He was kind enough to step in at the last minute as our guest speaker this week, and we’re beyond grateful that he did. Cory not only came with a wealth of tips for our guests, but also with gifts! He encouraged questions from the audience and rewarded participants with Stila mascara and 3-pack lip glaze. Here are some take-aways for you:

Assisting- If you are going to assist, do your research regarding the event. Take initiative, you always want to be three steps ahead.

Charging- Do some research. Find out what others are charging.  For example, bridal; compare yourself with what others offer.  You don’t want to out-bid yourself.

On Make-up:

Always prep the skin before applying any foundation.

Keep your ingredients very simple.  Cory loves the silicone based makeup because you don’t need powder to set it and he loves the way it looks on the skin.

He uses STILA’s convertible color for lips and cheeks.  It’s a great color corrective.

He loves the Kajal eye pencil for the waterline because of its rich black color.

He uses STILA’s convertible color for lips and cheeks and mentioned that it’s a great color corrective.

Given that he has done fashion, celebrities, and retail, Cory was asked what he likes doing best.  He said he has loved it all.  He can see himself writing a book on how to apply makeup and maybe one day owning a makeup line.

For more information on upcoming Industry Speaks events, please see our Facebook Events Calendar. They’re free and open to the public!

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