Industry Speaks: James Vincent

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MUD had the pleasure of hosting guest speaker James Vincent at our “Industry Speaks” Event on Wednesday February 27th, 2013 at the Holiday Inn Media Center in Burbank, CA. “Industry Speaks” is a series of events that Make-Up Designory coordinates to put industry leaders in contact with make-up students and professionals.

James Vincent began his career as a social worker. Though he knew he loved the creativity make-up had to offer, he didn’t realize he could make a living out of it. That was then! Twenty years later, he can look back on a career that includes working in print, film, and television with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry (such as (Lady Gaga,) developing products for brands like MAC and Stila, and developing his own line, “Pretty Pretty.”

But how did all this get started? From being fearless, of course! And from having a wonderful support system, with his mom and dad leading the support team.

At Industry Speaks, Vincent told the story of working on Pebbles, LA Reid’s wife in the 90’s. (“Girlfriend, why do ya let him treat you so bad? Oh, ooh oh ooh oh.”) Vincent applied orange lipstick under her eyes to correct her “dark under eye circles.” (See MUD’s deep brown corrector for medium to dark skin tones). Pebbles was amazed, explaining that she had looked high and low for something that worked for her. She gave Vincent the opportunity to be the make-up artist for TLC, and the rest is a robust, colorful, and exciting history. (You can check out James’ bio on his beautiful Website here.)

As Art Director of Artistry for The Makeup ShowThe Powder Group, and On Makeup Magazine, why does James Vincent lend so much of his time to visiting Make-up and Cosmetology schools? He mentions that when he got started, he didn’t feel he had resources like Make-up Designory. Visiting students is his way of supporting the community, and giving back to the schools that keep this industry thriving.

Here are some gems of advice that James had to offer:

Your Online Presence.

First, have a Website. Buy your domain name NOW and save it even if it’s your first and last Second, have a Website that reflects work you want to continue doing. If you want to be a high fashion photographer and have three amazing photos that reflect your work in high fashion, and 15 photos of bridal, post the three high fashion photos. Your portfolio should only reflect what you WANT to do.


Stay consistent with how you represent your work.

Business Card

Have one. At all times. Keep the business card simple, too. Name, Title, Contact info, Website. Clean and professional.


A great way to meet people and develop relationships for work referrals and connections is to get out there and network!

Check out these incredible sessions currently scheduled for The Makeup Show this weekend, March 2-3 in Los Angeles. If you can’t make this event, the next ones will be held in New York, Chicago, Orlando, and Europe.

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