MUD students inside the classroom

Enrollment at our school is very simple, and we do not require any past experience. You might experience a few subjects which you already feel quite confident in, such as applying eyeliner, mascara, or tweezing eyebrows. However, even with such simple subjects, we will probably offer different techniques for you to add to your experience.

As the Los Angeles Campus Administrator, the first question I get asked is about the TOEFL. Make-Up Designory does not require the TOEFL. We do not teach in any language but English. However, if you can read our website, write and understand emails with us, and speak English at that level, you will find our classroom training easy and enjoyable.

The second question is about the kind of Visa needed to attend MUD. We are only authorized to issue an M-1 Student Visa, issued for the specific period of time for training. We are not the same as a major university, which can issue an F-1 Visa for up to four years. Also, our career field does not have internships or “on the job training” periods; so, you cannot get a job while you are training on an M-1 Visa.

In our school, you will have the opportunity to choose courses which have direct value to you: our classes are conducted Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. International students traveling on an M-1 Student Visa are not allowed to enroll in the evening courses. Also, MUD does not charge international students a “non-residency” fee above what American students pay.

The process for International enrollment is as follows:

1. Go to our website ( Complete the Enrollment Application (Part I), and the Application for a SEVIS 1-20 Document (Part II).

2. Include the payment for the registration fee, $100.00 USD. This can be paid on our secure website or you may mail a check or money order issued from an American Bank (all international banks have direct association with some American bank). Or, you may make the payment by bank wire transfer from your bank to ours. This service, however, does require an additional fee of $25.00 USD, which is a bank charge for the wire transfer.

3. We do require proof of high school completion. You must provide valid English translation of either a diploma or transcripts. To have documents translated, you must use a third-party to prepare and validate the translation, such as a Notary Public or translation agency. A GED (General Education Diploma), received by adults who return to school to complete high school, is also an acceptable form of proof.

Otherwise, we are required to ask you to take an aptitude test, which demonstrates your ability to read and comprehend written language and basic math. Your public library can recommend several service companies who can conduct such a process for you.

4. You must receive a letter from your local bank stating that you, and/or your family, have the financial ability to allow you to travel and study in the United StatesThe letter must be signed by an officer of the bank. This is required by the US government because international students are not allowed “to seek out or accept paid employment” while a student in the US. The original letter MUST be presented to the American Embassy at the time of your Visa interview. You must fax, photocopy, or scan a copy of the letter and forward that to the school before the I-20 Document can be prepared.

Once all of this is completed, the school will prepare your enrollment package (including the I-20) and forward it to you. In addition to the other documents, you will be required to present your photocopy of the Enrollment Agreement to the American Embassy, which will support and validate the I-20 document. Also, you will need to go to the United States Department of State website and pay a $200.00 processing fee for the appointment before you can visit the U.S. Embassy. The school will provide the webpage information with your enrollment package.

Whenever you have any questions, please let one of us know. You can contact me at 818-729-9420 or at If you have questions about Los Angeles, contact Jackie Rosner at 818-729-9420 or at If you have questions about New York, contact Desirae Ross at 212-925-9250 or


  • Dear Sir&Madam

    I would like to apply your school(LA or NY Campus ) for Beauty 101: Fundamentals Of Beauty Make-Up(6weeks) program starting on July 23 if possible.
    When I apply 6weeks program, Should I apply for M1 VISA? or May I study without M1 visa(with travel visa)?
    Please send me international admission information and application form by email.
    Thank you for your cooperation and look forward to your reply.
    Best regards,

    JB Hong

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