Day to Night With the Fall Northland Tale Kit


Last weekend, we played up three different Fall looks from The Northland Tale Kit in our Free Saturday Workshop. Here’s what you missed.

Brisk Fall Day:

Eyes: Create a subtle and beautiful fall day appearance with the softer colors in the Northland Tale Kit. Begin with Dulce de Leche on the lid as a muted shimmery highlight with Brush 330S. Next, apply a small amount of the velvety Brownstone Eye Color on the crease from the outer corner to the inner corner in a windshield wiper motion with Brush 800S. The darkest area should be where the lid and crease meet on the outer corner. Blend upward to soften the edge. With Brush 800S and small circular motions, use the Rose Beige Cheek Color to add warmth. Finish the look with the Cream or Volumizing Mascara.

Cheeks: Use the Rose Beige Cheek Color to add a natural flush to the cheeks.

Lips: Subtly draw attention to the lips with the Bare Lip Glaze.

Crisp Fall Evening:

Eyes: To play up the highlights and shadows for a crisp evening look, follow the day look and then add dimension to the eye area. Quickly sweep the Dulce de Leche on the brow bone with Brush 330S. For a bold, beautiful, sultry eye that reflects light, stipple or pat the Bronzed Eye Color on the entire lid with Brush 330S. Next, play up the shadow in the crease with the Midnight Eye Color and Brush 810. Proceed from the outer corner of the crease and taper the color toward the inner corner. Blend well with a clean 800S Brush. Define the eye with a wet application of the Midnight Eye Color. Use a damp 210 Angle Brush to define the top lash line. Complete the evening look with the Cream or Volumizing Mascara.

Smoky Eye: First, follow the day and evening look. Now, focus on the lower lid. Layer the Brownstone and the Midnight Eye Colors with Brush 810 and blend.

Cheeks: Use the Rose Beige Cheek Color as a beautiful Fall Cheek Color and/or to create a natural contour.

Lips: Subtly draw attention to the lips with the Bare Lip Glaze.

— Sean Conklin

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