New York City Street Beat: Fashion’s Night Out!


What better city than New York to see the fashionistas sporting their wardrobe’s finest and rocking their sweet style? Ladies and Gentleman, we saw it all. Fashion’s Night Out is one of the biggest (and hippest) nights on the town, where anyone who’s anyone gets decked out to hit the streets.

This is New York City Street Beat on fashion’s biggest night: Fashion’s Night Out!

With all new Dr. Martens, poofy floral print skirts, long collared blouses, and shoulder pads galore, the 90’s are back in full swing. The makeup we saw was no different: bold brows and even bolder lips. I also noticed that the Wilson Phillips naked-yet-soft-contoured look is back. And who can leave out our classic love affair with sweeping black eye liner? Thank you, Amy Whinehouse.

Here were three looks that trumped all the others on the streets of New York:

1. Go Bold or Go Home: This look is all about fresh skin and setting the main focus on brows and lips. To achieve this focus, I aimed for soft eyes and cheeks. To fill the brows, apply a blend of Espresso and Canyon Eye Shadows with the #210 Angled Eyeliner Brush. On the lid, apply Bone Eye Color with the #800 Blending Brush. Full lips can easily carry a bold, bright color. Choose Red Lip Pencil and fill in the entire upper and lower lip. As a finishing touch, add a small amount of Lady Bug Lip Color. Easy and elegant!

2. The 90’s Minimalist: This look isn’t always as easy as it seems because it looks as if there is no makeup on the face. However, this is of course the point. For the face, this look is mostly Primer and Dual Finish Powder buffed into the skin in circular motions using the #710 Brush. For the eyes, use your #800 Brush and apply Apricot to the lids. Finish them off with a very light handed coat of Cream Mascara and the #500 Fan Brush. Lips are bare so why not use MUD’s Bare Lip Glaze? Fashionably simple.

3. Line em’ Up: This look is all about those sexy winged out eyes — a classic that will continue to pop up every season and a long time favorite that will always be in style. MUD’s Black Cake Liner is absolutely perfect for this as it’s easy to apply and wing out at the outer corners using MUD’s #100 Brush. This brush will literally do the work for you. To enforce the liner, apply Onyx Eye Color over the top using the #210 Brush. Lastly, don’t forget to apply a coat of MUD’s Volumizing Mascara!

— Reiva Cruze

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