Work and Play


During our last free workshop in LA and NY, we offered quick tips on how to achieve a suitable make-up application for work and how to refresh it for happy hour.

What you’ll need:

Face: Moisturizer, Cream or HD Air Foundation, CorrectorsLoose Powder, Brushes: 940930720

Eyes: 4 Eye Color PaletteCashmereCanyonCajun SpiceOnyxMascaraBrush 800

Cheeks: Cheek Color or BronzerBrush 500

Lips: Lip Gloss or Glaze

Options: Eye PencilCake Liner


Face: First, analyze the face and use the appropriate correction to even out the skin. Apply a Cream or HD Air Foundation with Brush 940 or a Sponge and/or spot conceal major problem areas with our highly pigmented Correctors with Brush 930. Set the makeup with a Loose Powder and Brush 720 for a longer lasting, smoother finish.

Eyes: If necessary, fill in the eye brows with an Eye Pencil or Eye Color to add balance and equal weight. Next, LIGHTLY dust CashmereCanyon, or Cajun Spice on the top lid with Brush 800. Top off the eye treatment with a couple coats of Cream or Volumizing Mascara.

Cheeks: Warm up with a Cheek Color or bronze out with a Bronzer to add dimension to the face. For a subtle look, use a lower density brush, like the 500.

Lips: Try any of our Lip Glosses or Glazes to create shine or add a pop of color.


Face: If you haven’t touched up throughout the day, now is the time to do it. Apply an eye cream or moisturizer under the eye. The moisturizer is a three in one; it removes old makeup, rehydrates the skin, and preps the area for touchups. Let the cream set for few minutes as you blot the T-zone with blotting papers or tissue. You can even blot off the excess cream under the eye. Spot conceal with a Corrector or Foundation, and set the base with a Loose Powder.

Eyes: For evening wear, play up the highlights and shadows. Remember, highlights bring areas forward and shadows push areas back. With a highlight on your lid, you can choose to add more to play up the highlight. Next, add depth to crease with the Onyx Eye Color and Brush 800. The trick is to begin with a light application of Onyx and build the shadow to the desired depth. To define the upper lash line you may choose to add a liner with the Onyx Eye Color, Eye Pencil, or Cake Liner. Finish the eye treatment with Cream or Volumizing Mascara.

Cheeks: If necessary, reapply your Cheek Color or Bronzer.

Lips: Reapply your Lip Gloss or Glaze.

— Sean Conklin

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