New York Fashion Week Review and How To: Venexianna Fall 2012


Backstage at the Venexianna Show, both hairstylists and makeup artists scrambled about to finish their intricate looks in what is known as “fashion week timing.” Which basically means: As fast as artistically (and humanly) possible.

Hair was a blend of crimped and curled, parted directly down the center, and pinned up elegantly in the back. This modern sense of sophistication is a perfect match for Venexianna’s full out stunning evening gowns.

On Makeup: The very talented Lisa Aharon was onboard as our Key Artist. Her look for the collection blew me away! It blended a black winged-out smoky eye with a warm copper tone shimmer on the lid. Both upper and lower lashes were emphasized with heavy coats of mascara. The lip was a cool, calm, neutral tone that intensified the eye makeup even more.   Venexianna’s collection showcased vibrant colors, movable fabrics, and flavorful textures. The dignified, yet funky couldn’t have been a more perfect fit for the makeup. This was not only a fabulous show to watch, but an even better one to have been a part of.

To Get This Look Hot Off the Runway:

Start by evening out your skin by applying MUD Cream Foundation in your shade using the #940 Brush. Set with a Loose Powder in either Shell or Buttercream for a clean, matte finish.

Next, apply either Rose Beige Cheek Color or Endless Summer Bronzer for a nice soft contour along the cheek bone using the #720 Brush. For extra pop, dust a little Rose Petal over the apple of the cheek using the same brush.

For eyes, think Drama! Begin by filling in the entire lid from lash line to the crease with MUD’s Black Eye Pencil. Wing out the ends at least a quarter of an inch out and upwards. Once even, switch to the #810 Brush and blend Onyx Eye Color over the top – defusing the edges as best as possible for a soft, yet dramatic cat eye. Next, blend Cajun Spice onto the center of the upper lid using the #800 Blending Brush. This will warm up the black. Line the bottom lash line using the Black Eye Pencil, and treat your lashes to multiple coats of Mud’s Cream Mascara with the #510 Duster Brush.

Lips here are simple, clean, and glossy. Start by softly lining both the upper and lower lips with the Natural Lip Pencil. Next, use the#310 Brush to apply a coat of Rose Clay Lipstick over top of the pencil while staying within the lines. Then, finish it off with an iridescent coat of Shine Lip Gloss.

Now you’re ready for the Runway!

— Reiva Cruze

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