Street Beat: New York City


In New York City, anything goes. Fashion and Make-up choices (no matter how outlandish) go unnoticed by the everyday Manhattan native because – quite frankly – we’ve already seen it all. A bright pink boa dubbed as a scarf in January, paired with a floral mini skirt, lashes, and blood orange lipstick doesn’t phase us one bit during our morning commute. And that’s on a man.

Fashion Week is no different. The only real alteration is that the clothes become designer. The parade is the same, as every fashion hanger-on makes the streets of New York City their runway. Scouting out faces on my way to and from work this week, I have seen some AMAZING makeup and I have also seen some tragedies. Let’s focus on the girls that rocked it.

NUMBER ONE: Brows are back. Bold, full, and clean. The only difference between the Brooke Shields full brow of the late 80’s and the brow we are seeing today is the sharpness. They are clearly sculpted, appropriately filled in, and all around beautiful.  I saw this everywhere. Grow those brows, ladies!

Makeup 101: First, comb brows up and outwards using a clean mascara wand or a brow brush. Then, fill in any areas where hair appears sparse using MUD’s #210 Angle Liner BrushEspressoTaupe, and Canyon make for brilliant brow colors depending on your coloring. After filling in, apply a highlight on both brow bones – as well as just above the brow, where it arches. This will create a clean and sharp overall look. Dulce De LecheBone, and Honeysuckle are all excellent highlight colors for achieving this effect. Finish off each brow with a coat of MUD’s Brow Fix.

NUMBER TWO: The Red Lip. This will never go anywhere. We will just continue to see different variations of it. Pair it with a clean or smoky eye. The preference for fuchsia reds or more orange ones will fluctuate. But the red lip itself will always be sexy, feminine, and classic. Get used to it.

Makeup 101: Using MUD’s Red Lip Pencil to line the lip and fill in slightly will give you a perfect matte foundation for the lipstick. Next, use MUD’s Lady Bug Satin Lipstick and trace over top of the liner – and don’t forget to blot once or twice. Lady Bug has a silky satin finish that translates elegantly, but should you desire a more translucent look, apply MUD’s Shine Lip Gloss directly over the top of the lipstick using MUD’s #310s Portable Lip Brush.

NUMBER THREE: Bright and unique Eye Liner. I don’t care whether it’s blue, purple, green, or black. We are seeing Eye Liner everywhere. Could it be an influence of the late and great Amy Winehouse that’s come back to hit us this season in full force? I’m not sure. Either way, it’s here. My favorite technique at the moment is using the classic black eyeliner, but applying it in a non-traditional way. The woman on the far right is a perfect example of spicing up plain old black.

Makeup 101: MUD’s Black Cake Eyeliner is one of the best products for this. I use MUD’s #100 Eyeliner Brush to transform the eyes with precision and ease. The Cake Liner glides bold and dries matte. When re-creating a dramatic liner application like this one, begin at the outer corner and move your brush inwards. Once you’ve perfected the shape of both, fill in. For added intensity, apply MUD’s Onyx Eye Color right over the top using MUD’s #320 or #330 Brush. And of course . . . don’t you dare forget Mascara!

On the Street: The eccentric expression of individuality is what makes this city great. In Makeup it is no different. Thank you for being crazy, New York! I love you.

— Reiva Cruze

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