Adele Sets Fire to This Year’s Grammy’s (Recap and How To)


The most talented artists in the music world celebrated the 54th annual Grammy Awards Los Angeles on Sunday night. Fergie, Rihanna, and Gwyneth Paltrow looked super sexy in long sultry dresses. Heavy black liner, false lashes, and a nude lip worn set the trend in makeup – worn best by the likes of Jessie J, Carrie Underwood, and (crowned queen of this look) Katy Perry.

The tone of the evening was set late in the show by a moving performance of “I Will Always Love You” performed by Jennifer Hudson as an emotional tribute to the late and great Whitney Houston, who passed away the day before.

Taking home six Grammy’s in total – including Album of the Year and Song of the Year – was the lovely and talented Adele. Her hair was styled in a loose and bouncy 1960’s blonde bob, and her makeup was flawless – care of the talented Michael Ashton, her personal makeup artist. It’s not always so easy to pair heavy liner and a full set of lashes with a bold red lip, but Adele (and Michael) do it beautifully.

Here’s how you can get Adele’s award winning look:

Face: Applying a flawless matte foundation and powder is essential to creating this look. The main focus is on the eyes and lips, and creating a soft matte finish to the face will really make those two features pop. Use Mud Cream Foundation in your shade and one of our translucent Loose Powders. If you have Adele’s complexion, try either Shell or Buttercream.

Cheeks: For the Grammy’s, Adele wore prominent contour on her cheeks, as well as a touch of warmth. To achieve this look, apply Endless Summer Bronzer with the #700 Angle Brush to softly contour the cheeks. Begin at the hairline by the ear, and pull the color downwards towards the mouth. Once evenly applied, use the same brush and add a hint of Rose Beige Cheek Color to the apples of the cheeks.

Eyes: Adele’s eyes were a beautiful blend of gray, charcoal, heavy black liner, and a shimmery off-white highlight. Blending is essential to recreating this look. Start by applying Apricot all over the lid as a base color with the #800 Brush. Go right into the crease with a blend of Graphite and Sienna Eye Colors – using the #810 Smudger Brush to apply, and a clean #800 Brush to blend out as evenly as possible. Once you’ve evenly applied the desired amount, it’s time for the highlight. Apply a blend of Ice and Honeysuckle along the inside of the upper lid, as well as to the brow bone, using the #330 Brush. For the drop shadow, apply Onyx Eye Color with the #210 Angle Liner Brush and hug the lower lash line from the outer corner towards the inner corner. Using the #810 Brush and a very small amount of Graphite Eye Color, blend into the lower lash line to create a softer, smokier look. Line the water line with MUD’s Black Eye Pencil – moving the pencil from side to side until the waterline is black.

Liner & Lashes: This is really the focal point of this look. I personally like to apply the liner, lashes, and then go over the liner one more time. Using MUD’s Black Cake Eyeliner and the #100 Brush, line the upper lid with a very generous (yet even) amount of cake liner with a winged out tip. Next, apply false strip lashes to both eyes. The style of these lashes is up to you. Adele’s are very bold and quite long. After the adhesive has dried clear, reinforce the liner with one more layer, and finish the eyes with a coat of Volumizing Mascara using the #500 Fan Brush. For a more intensified look, apply multiple coats.

Lips: The lip here is a beautiful, bold red, so start by lining the upper and lower lip with MUD’s Red Lip Pencil. Fill in the entire lip with the pencil for added longevity. Next, apply Lady Bug Lip Color using MUD’s Portable #310 Lip Brush and you are good to go.

Now all you have to do is win 6 Grammy’s!

— Reiva Cruze

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