Aphrodite Inspired Valentine’s Day Make-Up: How To


Last Saturday, during our free Valentine’s Day workshops in LA and NY, we emphasized the natural beauty inspired by Aphrodite with subtle hints of color to enhance the eyes and lips.

Here’s how to recreate the look inspired by the goddess of love:

Face: To properly base match, choose two or three Cream Foundations that are closest to the undertone and shade of the skin.  Sample the colors on the jaw line, and drag the color down the neck. You’ll know you have a good match when the foundation disappears into the skin. To achieve a porcelain appearance, begin the application on the forehead and work your way down to the neck with a Professional Sponge. Use caution around the eye area, and double check the corners of the nose. For a sheer and dewy coverage that is loved by the gods themselves, mix the Cream Foundation with the Face Primer.

Next, check the face for further discoloration. Camouflage the discoloration with the proper Corrector and Brush 300S. The Blue Correctors have an orange undertone suitable for neutralizing the blue undertone, usually found under the eyes. Red Correctors have an olive undertone suitable for neutralizing any red discoloration in all areas of the face. Make sure to find the appropriate shade as well as the undertone. Mix the corrector with the base to create a base-tone relationship and apply to the discolored area. For a sheer coverage, add the Face Primer to the Corrector. To create a smoother finish and to set the base, use a Loose Powder and Brush 700S.

Eyes: As a highlight on the lid, try the Pixie Eye Color with Brush 330S. Use the same brush to layer the Bronzed Eye Color toward the outer corner of the lid and crease. Do not exceed the outer corners of the eye. Make sure to keep outer corners lifted. Next, layer the Vineyard Eye Color on top of the Bronzed and blend the colors together with Brush 800S. For definition, apply a wet application of the Galaxy Eye Color to the top and lower lash lines with Brush 210S.  For added dimension, carry the Galaxy in the crease with the same brush. Soften edges with Brush 800S. Finish the eye treatment with a generous coat of Cream or Volumizing Mascara to complete the goddess-like visage.

Cheeks: Dust your cheeks with the Glow Cheek Color and Brush 700S to add an immortal sheer brilliance to the face.

Lips: Try the Cupid Lip Glaze to accent your lips with a pop of color and shine to complete this romantic look for Valentine’s Day.

— Sean Conklin

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