MUD Cosmetics in Turkey

Sean in Turkey

The Turkish are the most hospitable and welcoming people I have ever met. In addition to their hospitality, Turkey is known for their delicious tea and coffee. While I was there I was able to experience the cultural side of Istanbul and Izmir, from traditional cuisine and drink, to their beautiful sights and Muslim prayers that fill the entire city.

I met with Murat Guner, our distributor and extended MUD family in Turkey. I visited his new distribution center in the busy city of Istanbul, the third largest metropolitan area in Europe. Istanbul is  the only metropolis in the world that is situated on two continents, Europe and Asia. At the distribution center I conducted intensive product knowledge training with his eager to learn staff. All the while, we sipped on rich Turkish coffee, smooth tasteful teas and delectable pastries served by Zeyno Buyukyildirim, the General Coordinator. I spent most of the time with Zeyno during my visit to Istanbul. She showed me gorgeous areas of the city, took me to fabulous restaurants, where we dined on delicious food. Murat was also a brilliant tour guide. He brought me to the Grand Bazaar where it was flooded by a never ending sea of people and to the heart of Istanbul, Taksim Square.

After my visit to Istanbul, I flew to Izmir, another breathtaking city in Turkey. Izmir is on the coast of the Aegean Sea, and is one of the most progressive Turkish cities in the rising of young professionals, values and lifestyles. In Izmir, Murat, his wife Ece and his partner Cem Ayhan own two pharmacies and a high end clinic where they distribute Makeup Designory’s full color cosmetic line. In each location, I was able to meet their staff and train their makeup artists with all of MUD’s high quality products. And applying makeup on any of the women in Izmir is a breeze. The women of Izmir are stunning and well put together.

The Este Clinic is an exquisite spa/clinic with top of the line makeup, cosmetic procedures, massages, facials, and many more outstanding services. With a sleek look and prime location this clinic will leave you with a fresh look and a boost of confidence. After the clinic, I visited both MG Pharmacie and EGE Pharmacie. The pharmacies have an array of top of the line skin care products, makeup and pharmaceutical supplies to serve their guests. Everything is displayed in the upmost organized fashion.

After work we were able to really get to know each other as we dined at seaside restaurants, ate mouthwatering seafood and sipped on the anise-flavored Raki. Overall, my experience was amazing. I met wonderful people, tasted delicious food, and experienced a little of the Turkish culture. It’s definitely a destination spot!

— Reive Cruze

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