Television’s Biggest Night: The 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Jane Lynch hosts the Emmy’s

The anxiously awaited Primetime Emmy awards were held at the legendary Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles last night, and oh-what a night it was.

Funny lady Jane Lynch was the host and was hilarious as she lit up the stage and the audience with her “show biz” styled comic flash. Lynch, is usually known for keeping it casual. Typically seen dressed down in a track suit like she does as Coach Sylvester on Glee, or in a manly styled uniform like the one she wears as a Best Buy Manager in 40-Year Old Virgin, she is rarely known for glamming it up. However on tonight’s red carpet she looked positively radiant in a long purple strapless sweetheart gown. Her makeup was done beautifully in that it accentuated her eyes by smoking them out slightly with charcoal (Graphite) and silver (Tinsel) shadows followed by a bold strip lash. Her skin looked smooth and fresh with a bronzer and a beautiful pink cheek and she kept her lips soft and natural with a light pink glaze (Cupid).

This star studded event was filled with talent, comedy, gratitude, and the feeling of dreams coming true. Modern Family was clearly a favorite as it picked up 5 Emmy’s and nearly all in a row. It was difficult for me to narrow down my favorite looks this year as there were so many stunners. Clare Danes and Maria Bello had two of my favorite looks. Clare had bold, bright eyes, lined with black liner and a blue eye shadow to complement her shiny blue and silver dress. Maria chose to go a bit lighter on the eye, also a pink gloss on the lip, and a fresh almost dewy finish for her skin. My own personal Emmy award for Best Makeup of the evening goes to the lovely Kerry Washington. She stunned us all by going for a 1940’s vintage look with winged out black eye liner, lashes and a stunning shade of classic red lipstick which paired perfectly with her strapless red gown that literally took my breathe away.

When prime time combines comic genius, like getting “lynched” with Jane and red carpet fashion/ beauty, than we at home are handsomely rewarded in the entertainment department. Oh-what a night!

To Get Kerry Washington’s 1940’s red carpet look: Face: As soft and natural as possible, apply MUD Cream Foundation with the #940 Foundation Brush. Place a very small amount of Poppy Cheek Color on the cheeks using the #710 Powder Blush Brush. Kerry’s cheek bones are very pronounced and easy to spot. If yours happen to be less notice able, place two fingers along the side of your face and you will feel the natural curve of your face. Place the cheek color just above the under part of the cheek bone. Eyes: Black Cake Eyeliner used with the #100 Round Liner Brush with a steady hand and a winged out tip. Apply either strip lashes or individuals depending on your desired lash intensity. Place Honeysuckle Eye Shadow along the brow bone using the #320 Oval Shadow Brush as a highlight. Lips: Begin by lining the lips with MUD’s Lip Pencil in Red. Then, go over the liner and fill in entire lip using the #310 Portable Lip Brush and Lady Bug Lip Color.

Now all you have to do is find a little red dress to go with such a stunning makeup look!

— Reiva Cruze

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