2011 MTV Video Music Awards Make-Up Review and How To Get Katy Perry’s

Katy Perry

This years VMA’s held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles last night exploded with artistic talent, outrageous fashion, and one convincing alter ego! The red carpet was replaced with a shiny white catwalk that showcased outlandish fashion choices from all the attendees. Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, the cast of the Jersey Shore, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West… and the list goes on! The room was jam packed with the faces and names that make up the MTV music, entertainment and fashion world.

Beyoncé looked radiant in a flowing long red dress gracefully showing off her “bump” to the world confirming, that she is in fact pregnant. Her make-up is always flawless and natural, with an emphasis on defining the eyes with black liner and lashes.

Britney is back! She picked up an award for Best Pop Video and I have to say, she looked fantastic in a short leathery black number paired with black patent peep toe wedges. Strong eyeliner, false lashes, and lip gloss have always been a make-up staple for Spears, along with a whole lot of hair extensions. Some things never change!

My favorite performance of the night hands down goes to Lady Gaga. Or should I say, to Joe Claderone (her male alter ego) who stole the show performing You and I. She came on stage with beard stubble, slightly smeared black eyeliner, a short 1950’s style wig and smoking a cigarette. Sporting a pair of black slacks and a white t-shirt, she stayed in character throughout the entire evening and rocked it on the piano while singing her heart out. She was joined half way through her performance by rock guitar legend Brian May, which made her set even better. In my personal opinion, I’d rather see this ‘Mr. Calderone’ than the Lady herself wearing a meat dress any day!

Katy Perry not only received the most VMA nominations out of everyone, but also took home Video of The Year for Firework. She rocked a South Pacific-inspired light blue mini dress bedazzled with sequins and a floral pattern along with coral strappy sandals and an Asian-themed parasol. Her make-up was beautiful as usual; she had a pin-up style with a futuristic edge, which complimented her pink hair. Since this was one of my favorites, I thought I would show you how you can get Katy Perry’s unique make-up look!

Get This Look: Katy Perry

Face: Apply Cream Foundation in your shade onto entire face using the #940 Foundation Brush. Blend this into the skin in circular motions. Set the foundation with Loose Powder in either Shell or Buttercream.

Cheeks: Using the #710 Powder Blush Brush, apply Soft Peach Cheek Color to the apples of the cheeks to brighten up the face.

Eyes: To get those perfectly defined and prominent brows, sculpt them by using Espresso Eye Color and the #210 Angle Liner Brush. Seal them using Brow Fix.

Apply Sugared Violet Eye Color lightly from the upper lash line into the crease using the #800 Crease Brush. Using that same brush, apply a very small amount of Smoked Sapphire Eye Color into the crease for a slightly stronger crease. As a brow bone highlight, apply Honeysuckle Eye Color with the #320 Oval Shadow Brush. For the lower lash line, apply Smoked Sapphire with the #210 Angle Liner Brush to bring out those eyes. On top of these colors, use the #810 Smudger Brush and blend Sugared Violet Eye Color back and forth into the lower lash line to soften the drop shadow. Before applying the false lashes of your choice, lay down a prominent coat of Black Cake Eyeliner with the #100 Round Liner Brush. Finish the eyes use a generous amount of Cream Mascara. For the best results, apply with the #500 Mascara Brush.

Lips: Apply Pink Twinkle Lipstick with a small amount of Bare Lip Glaze on top to achieve Katy’s pink girly lips which complete her look so perfectly!

— Reiva Cruze

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