Jessie and the Toyboys: Make-Up Tutorial


In a recent blog post, we shared MUD Graduate Carole Soueidan’s experience as lead make-up artist for Jessie and the Toyboys on the Femme Fatale Tour. The Femme Fatale Tour is the seventh concert tour by American singer Britney Spears, in support of her seventh studio album.

The feedback on her looks for the tour was so positive, she decided to share her tricks and techniques to pulling off the Toyboys’ plastic-like shine and strong contoured face!

Check out Carole’s step-by-step tutorial and tips below.

Step One: Always begin with a clean, moisturized face. I always apply my most favorite product, MUD’s Face Primer. Squeeze a dime-size drop onto a Stainless Steel Palette and apply across the face with a MUD Professional Make-up Sponge. The Face Primer is a favorite for many reasons; the weight and consistency is light without sitting on the skin. It also doesn’t separate, and holds make-up together for long hours without a sealer – exactly what I need from a primer!

Step Two: Apply a Cream Foundation, depending on your model’s complexion, you will need to apply a color that is two shades darker then their natural skin tone. I apply the Cream Foundation all over the face with the same sponge that was used for the primer. Blend the foundation well, making sure to cover the neck and ears. While the base color may look funny at this point, I promise you that it will all make sense later!

Step Three: We now work the opposite way, going two shades lighter then your model’s complexion. Mix the Cream Foundation with a highlight from the MUD Highlight/Shadow Palette. Once you have mixed your base, take a #340 Large Oval Brush and paint across the face, starting in the center of the forehead, between the eyebrows, and working your way down the center of the nose to the highest points of the cheekbones. From there, cover the jaw, the Cupid’s Bow, the bottom of the lower lip, and finally, the chin.

Step Four: Take the #940 Foundation Brush, and from the MUD Highlight/Shadow Palette, use Shadow #1 or Shadow #2 – depending on your models complexion – to define the face. To accomplish this, brush under the cheekbones, on each side of the nose, under the jawbone, and under the lower lip. Blend the highlights and shadows using your original Professional Make-Up Sponge.

Step Five: Dust Loose Powder with the #720 Powder Brush to set the makeup and even out the complexion.

Up to this point you’ve created a flawless skin finish with obvious highlights and shadows that define the model’s features from far away. Remember that with stage make-up, features must be well defined – so don’t be scared by the contrast!

Step Six: In order to create more depth, I use Rose Beige Cheek Color as a powder shadow. With a #510 Duster Brush, apply under the cheekbones, the sides of temples, under nose, under jaw, within the inner corner of the eyelids, and between the chin and the lower lip. By the end of this step, the shadows should be soft and well blended. Each of these details exaggerates the features, and that’s exactly what you want to create a larger-than-life effect.

Step Seven: Use a #710 Powder/Blush Brush and apply a bright Cheek Color on the apple of the cheeks – my favorite for this look is MUD’s Glow!

Step Eight: To get that plastic look, it’s important to create a shine across the face. As I was applying make-up for a dancer, not a model, I refrained from using anything liquid or greasy, and so powder was the best solution.

With the #510 Duster Brush and MUD’s Honeysuckle Eye Color, apply the product on all the areas that were highlighted with the cream base from step three. This includes the nose, forehead, cheekbones, chin, jaw, and Cupid’s Bow. This step is so important as it really makes the difference in the end result.

Step Nine: It’s time for some finishing touches! Apply MUD’s Black Cream Mascara with a #500 Mascara Brush to the eyelashes. Use Pink Freeze Lip Gloss to finish with a luminous shine!

Step Ten: Use this step only if needed. If your model is blond and has light eyebrows, make sure to fill it in with Brown Cake Eyeliner using a #100 Round Liner Brush.

Creating the look for Jessie and the Toyboys was exhilarating – especially in working with them before every show of the Femme Fatale Tour! With stunning performances and amazing wardrobes, the make-up was icing on the cake of the entire concert. I hope you have as much fun as I did in recreating this look; with the tools provided by MUD, you can achieve this and every other vision you can imagine!

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