MUD Sponsors Femme Fatale Tour with Jessie and the Toy Boys


June 15th marked the opening night of the Femme Fatale Tour in San Francisco, CA. We were thrilled to be involved as a sponsor!

Recent MUD Graduate Carole Soueidan was key hair and make-up artist the band, and writes the following recap of her experience.

11:00am: Our tour bus arrives at the venue. It’s the first day of the show and we are all nervous and exited. We enter the dressing room, which is clearly marked with an orange sign “Jessie and the Toy Boys”. We get set up, grab lunch, get acquainted with the arena, and wait for sound check.

4:00pm: Sound check starts. That’s when we really start to feel it. Performance time is about three hours away. Sound check went great, and we were all anxious for the show to start! 5:00pm: Jessie is scheduled to be in my chair. She is a little fidgety and everyone is talking to her and asking questions. I have to admit that when too many people are talking and I can’t get her to make eye contact with me, it’s distracting, makes me nervous, and it slows me down. Doing Jessie’s makeup is my show time, and I need to have her focus as well as mine to perform my best on her. You could say that I had to put my foot down; I told everyone to leave us alone and to give me a few minutes with Jessie “pleeeeeeease“ in a nice way!

Despite the distractions, the one thing I didn’t have to be nervous about was using the MUD products! Thanks to MUD, Jessie’s makeup looks flawless. I feel confident, knowing her makeup will last, even while dancing and working up a sweat! Jessie still looks incredible close up under bright stage lights and radiant on the giant I-Mag screens for thousands of cheering fans to see!

6:00pm: My makeup chair is now ready for the Toy Boys. The Toy Boys are her male dancers that move and pose as mannequins behind Jessie and are part of her image. I use MUD make-up on them as well, to give them their toy look.

What I love best about MUD is the versatility of their product. They are long lasting, provide great coverage and are simply the best quality. My favorite part is that all though I’m using products on Jessie to create a bold and radiant look (such as the MUD Face PrimerCream FoundationCorrectorLoose PowderHighlight/Shadow Palette, and Shine Lip Gloss to create her beautiful beauty look), I can turn around and use same MUD products on the Toy Boys to create the illusion of doll-like skin to make them look like mannequins! As a professional make-up artist, MUD gives me the tools to be as creative and versatile as I want to be and the confidence to deliver my best work that is expected of me.

7:00pm: Electricity is in the air! Jessie looks fantastic, and the Toy Boys look like plastic! Jessie gets her ear peace on, checks her mic, and warms up her voice while the Toy Boys stretch.

7:20pm: Show time. Jessie and the Toy Boys are larger than life on that stage. I knew Jessie was good, but after watching that girl on that stage I knew she was destined for this and I’m now even a bigger fan.

I was extremely happy with Jessie’s makeup as it read well on stage as well as the big screens. The same is with the dancers; the makeup added so much to the performance! I was proud as I watched in the crowd, and all I kept hearing were people complimenting the awesome look of Jessie and The Toy Boys. Thanks to MUD, it was an incredible show!

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