True Blood Season 4 and Make-Up Artist Brigette Myre-Ellis

True Blood

True Blood is in full swing in its 4th season on HBO. And with no surprise to its slightly obsessed fans, is as unpredictable as ever. At the end of Season 3, our beloved and telepathic heroine Sookie Stackhouse had discovered that she was, in fact, a fairy. Whisked away to a whimsical fairy land filled with glowing fruit and residents dressed in scantily-clad clothing, she senses that something is just not right in this magical paradise and refuses to eat the glowing fruit bestowed upon her. (The fruit by the way looked quite appetizing and gave me a sense of what Adam and Eve must’ve felt during the bible days. I definitely would’ve eaten it.) An evil fairy queen gives warning, goblins appear, time travel through a porthole is possible and in typical True Blood fashion, the erotica is never sparse. When those goblins get angry they turn into what looks more like zombies than fairies due to fantastic special effects make-up techniques. Fans and professionals alike can appreciate the talented make-up effects showcased throughout all three seasons.

Brigette Myre-Ellis is the make-up department head on the show and is no stranger to working with glamorous vampires. She also worked as Sarah Michelle Geller’s make-up artist for the 90’s hit television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This talented Minnesota native was recruited to LA at just 21 years of age after working on a hit film shot locally in her hometown. She then joined the union and by 23 she received her first Emmy. Since she’s no stranger to the genre, working as the key artist on True Blood has proved to be a perfect fit for Ellis.

The cast is as phenomenal as they always are on this series. True Blood fans breathed a sigh of relief when Joe Manganiello, who plays werewolf Alcide Herveax was signed on as a regular cast member for season four. A new addition that adoring viewers have been hoping for due to his smoldering performance in Season 3. Anna Paquin, who Brigette Myre-Ellis works with on and off the set of True Blood, plays Sookie Stackhouse and does a sensational job of making this dark and mystic world a reality for all of us watching to escape to.

A lot will happen on the show involving battles, babes, bare chests, and the struggle to be the big man in Bon Temps. It’s been said that all moral code will be tested in Season 4 and that things will definitely be spicing up…if that is even possible. Between fairies, werewolves, zombie-like goblins, and fang flashing, blood-sucking vampires, Season 4 of True Blood is looking tastier than ever

— Reiva Cruze

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