Haute Couture in Paris: Make-Up Review and How-To


When it’s strictly couture, we get a whole new perspective on fashion without having to use our imagination – the designers do that for us. We saw the runway explode with color, texture, and drama during the Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2011/2012 Fashion Week in Paris last week. Fashion houses like Givenchy, Chanel and Atelier were in full force showcasing stunning collections complimented by such extravagant hair and make-up leaving us all in a state of amazement.

Stephane Rolland’s collection for Fall/Winter was one of my favorites. Rolland is one of the few Paris fashion houses to live entirely off of couture. It has no ready-to-wear line as of yet, nor does it have a lucrative perfume or cosmetic line. This collection has blurred the fine line between art and couture. Dramatic gowns, long tight fitting skirts and 90’s style business suits were showcased inbetween heavy knits in both cream and charcoal grey. His usage of color for a fall/winter collection was anything but run of the mill and the make-up chosen for this show was just gorgeous. Eyes were dark and outwardly extended using liner and shadow for a sultry smoky look. Cheeks were contoured and defined and the lips were as vampy as ever. Deep purple lipstick paired with a shiny gloss made the overall look an outstanding favorite. The last thing to mention about the Rolland show was the shoes. They were perfect platforms and each shoe was made for each look. Stephane Rolland has a particular knack for making Haute Couture the dream that it is meant to be.

For the first time in 15 years, the Christian Dior show did not feature John Galliano. Most people said that the show was a bit lacking since the designers absence and that it was an overall let down, however some rather enjoyed what Dior had to offer for it’s Fall/Winter collection. The models wore gowns with many lines and colors inspired by nature. Elaborate haircuts, extravagant hats and thick make-up were as important as the clothes themselves. Another favorite among all of the talented designers was that of Giorgio Armani Prive Haute Couture. His collection was dedicated to the victims of the devastating tsunami that hit Japan earlier this year. The show entitled “Homage to Japan,” featured Japanese silks and kimono-like shapes that swept down the catwalk with beauty and grace. The models wore head pieces that resembled Japanese wrapping paper emulating an explosion of delicate folding fans. Armani shows have always been full of glamour and color and this was no exception.

Get This Look: Stephane Rolland Runway Show

Begin by applying Black Eye Pencil to both the top and bottom of the eye. Using the #810 Smudger Brush, smudge out the liner to defuse the edges. At the outer corners of the eyes, extend this about ½ an inch past where your eye actually ends. This will elongate the appearance of your eyes for a dramatic effect. Using a blend of Graphite and Smoked Sapphire Eye Color, blend the desired amount of shadow to both the upper lid into the crease, and the lower lash line, giving you an ultra smoky look. You may do this with either the #810 Smudger Brush or the #800 Crease Brush. Apply a bit of Dulce De Leche with the #320 Oval Shadow Brush to the inner corners of the upper lids and to the brow bone as a slight highlight. Contour the cheeks with either Endless Summer Bronzer or Rose Beige Cheek Color and use Lemon Cream for a highlight to create an even stronger cheek bone. And now for the sultry and sexy lips… Using the #310 Lip Brush, apply Blackberry Lipstick. A lip liner is optional since the lip color we are using here is so deep it will line the lips on its own. On top of this, apply one coat of Eggplant Lipstick and finish it off with Shine Lip Gloss. This will give it that vampy, glossy look and will complete the make-up style of this Haute Couture Favorite!

— Reiva Cruze

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