Make-Up Designory at IMATS Los Angeles 2011


The International Make-up Artist Trade Show (IMATS) was held in Pasadena, California this past weekend, catering to all make-up enthusiasts. Thousands of make-up vendors prepared for the sold-out show, setting up their booths with a wide range of cosmetics to offer the make-up obsessed and the industry professional. Walking down the aisles of the trade show, one was almost overwhelmed by the amounts of brushes, eye shadows, lipsticks, prosthetics and much more. Vendors were offering them for a special price over the exclusive weekend. Make-up artists took advantage of this opportunity to network with others while enjoying the master classes and professional demos by some of the leading make-up artists in the industry.

MUD set up their booth complete with the cosmetics line and limited promotional kits created specifically for this year’s trade show. With the flood of attendees approaching, MUD lead artists Sean Conklin and Reiva Cruze were able to demonstrate the product for all to watch and learn while recommending products that would work best for them or their professional kit. Our own Jackie Rosner from the school’s administration department was there to help enthuse future make-up artists about the different programs and opportunities MUD provides.

Each year IMATS holds a beauty/fantasy and character/prosthetic student competition for any recent graduate of a professional make-up school. The make-up artists create a look based on the given theme and apply their creative design on their model within a certain time frame. MUD graduate Krystle Teocson competed in the tribal themed beauty/fantasy competition and won second place with her rendition of a Zulu Tribe! MUD graduate Marina Coria also competed in the mythological themed character/prosthetic competition. Given three hours, she applied her creative interpretation of a mythological creature using prosthetics given to her on the day of the competition. Congratulations to all competitors!

IMATS 2011 was a success! The combination of professional demos, guest speakers, interactive demonstrations and featured artistry product was an inspiration to all.

— Katie Williams

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