How to Create a Royal-Inspired Bridal Make-Up Look

Kate Middleton

This wedding season I’m getting many requests for a make-up application similar to the bridal make-up worn by HRH Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, at her wedding to Prince William. From the classic matte eye color palette, to the defining fashion eye liner, to the warm glow of her cheeks, to the subtlety of her lips – this look is perfect for any blushing bride!

Get This Look:

Face: Use a mix of Cream Foundation with Face Primer and apply the base with the #940 Foundation Brush for a flawless application. Set with Loose Powder for a matte finish. Use Sunshine Bronzer with the #510 Duster Brush for a beautiful color glow and to slightly deepen the contours of the cheeks.

Eyes: Fill in the eyebrows with your choice of Eye Pencil. Make sure to keep the pencil sharpened and fill in the brow from the inner base. Follow up and into the lower peak and taper as you move to the outer edge. Filling in the eyebrow will help you with the placement of the eye color. First, begin with the lightest color on the brow bone. Bone Eye Color with the #320 Oval Shadow Brush is the perfect highlight directly under the eyebrow. Use Apricot Eye Color on the lid with the #320 Brush to create a soft highlight. Enhance the crease with a warm color like Canyon Eye Color using the #800 Crease Brush. Taper and sheer out the Canyon as you move toward the inner corner of the eye. To create an illusion of a slight lift, do not exceed the outer corner of the eye. Make sure it is nicely blended into the Bone to ensure a soft edge. Deepen the outer corner with a hint of the Espresso Eye Color and the #800 Brush. To define the eye, use the Black Eye Pencil. Sharpen and place the pencil on the top inner tear duct and follow the lash line. The liner should progressively get thicker as you move toward the outer corner. Repeat on the lower lash line and connect at the outer corner. Lightly smudge the outer corner up and into the Espresso with the #800 Brush. Finish the eye treatment with Cream Mascara.

Cheeks: With the #510 Duster Brush and the Poppy Cheek Color, gently kiss the apples of the cheeks.

Lips: Lightly line the lips with Natural Lip Pencil. A sheer application of Rose Clay Lipstick will complete this royal bridal application.

— Sean Conklin

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