Japanese Pop Make-Up: Ayumi Hamasaki


Because of her popularity and influence in Japan, singer/songwriter Ayumi Hamasaki, also known as Ayu, has become the Empress of Japanese Pop. Today, I’m going to show you a make-up application that recreates one of her covers from Japan’s Popteen magazine.

Get this look:

Face: For flawless, full coverage, use MUD’s Cream FoundationYG1 in particular, is a golden color suitable for lighter olive skin tones like Ayumi’s. Stipple the base from the top of the forehead, work your way down and blend the base into the neck with a Professional Make-up Sponge. To set the make-up, load a puff with Buttercream Loose Powder. To load the puff, sprinkle a generous amount of powder on the top side, fold it in half and rub back and forth until the powder disappears into the puff. Once the puff is loaded, lightly tap the back of your hand to make sure that the powder resurfaces. To prevent any removal of base, use a tap-and-roll method. For hard-to-reach areas around the eyes or nose, tap the powder on the back of your hand, dip an edge of the puff into the powder and then onto the face.

Eyes: When working around the eye area, use a facial tissue or puff to rest your hand. The guard will prevent your from lifting the existing base off the face.

To give the illusion of a more “opened eye” look, follow the lower water line with Highlight A9 and the #210 Angle Liner Brush. Start from the outer corner and “walk” the highlight across to the inner corner of the waterline. To create a “glamour eyeliner,” spray water onto a Stainless Steel Palette and dip the #900 Round Liner Brush into the water and then into Black Cake Eyeliner. Point the brush in the inner corner of the upper lash line, lay the brush on its side and follow the lash line to the center of the eye. Build the thickness as you move toward the outer corner to create a glamour liner. For an Asian eye, you may have to cover the entire lid to create the appropriate affect on the upper lid. Make sure the weight and application is balanced on both eyes. For the lower lid, begin in the outer corner and taper the lower liner as you move toward the center of the eye.

Use a full Lash Strip of eye lashes on her upper lash line and 1/3 Lash Strip for the lower lash line. To camouflage the plastic strip on the false lashes coat the strip with the Black Cake Eyeliner and the #900 Brush. For the finishing touches, blend the natural lashes with the false lashes with the Volumizing Mascara and the #500 Mascara Brush.

Cheeks: For a sheer application and a hint of color, use the #510 Duster Brush to apply Rose Petal Cheek Color.

Lips: Top off this Ayu look with Bare Lip Glaze.



— Sean Conklin

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