Make-Up Designory in Spain


I love so many cities in so many countries, but… Spain is just where my heart is. I’ve been there over six times and I could keep going back again and again. Our MUD distributors are located in Valencia, a coastal city just south of Barcelona, with beautiful architecture and a flare for fashion. This city is Spain’s main destination for the fashion and beauty industry.

On MUD’s trip to Valencia in late March, we met our distributors at their facility and were blown away by the sheer size. The warehouse was connected to the school, which also had a store and a massive auditorium to conduct seminars, workshops and classes. This room became my home. We held two workshops here which began with a presentation introducing who we are, how we came about and what we stand for as a line and as a company. I followed the presentation with four make-up demonstrations using a wide variety of our line to showcase its versatility. The students and grads alike could not get enough, asking me to “show us one more thing” or waving their arms around violently to volunteer as the next model for a sultry smoky eye demo. I couldn’t resist. After all, how often do I get to do make-up in Spain?

Valencia welcomed us with such warmth and enthusiasm that I wish we could have stayed a bit longer. It was such a pleasure and a privilege to further expand their knowledge with our line and to introduce new techniques to for them to try out. Oh, and the food wasn’t too shabby either smile.

Viva España!

— Reiva Cruze

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