MUD at Fashion Week: Vera Wang Fall 2011


Inspired by the 1930s iconic American working woman with style and a flare for romance, Vera Wang’s Fall collection brought deep charcoal and slate to the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2011. Against an iron gate backdrop which added to the show’s rustic and edgy style, the clothes exhibited a blend of hard, strong lines with flowy, layered fabrics. All this inspired Key Make-up Artist Lucia Pieroni and her team to create a look that would pull these two extremes together. To accentuate the contrast in Vera’s clothing, they combined the two extremes of hard and soft within the make-up.

Pieroni started by playing up the shades of gray and black in the clothes to deepen and intensify the eyes. To keep with the industrial steel theme, no cheek color was added, however a bit of gold shimmer was applied as a cheekbone highlight. For the lips, she chose a beautiful nude tone to bring out a hint of understated, romantic, aristocratic desire. Lucia and her team did an all-around beautiful job. The show rocked and Vera’s collection was one of my favorites this season.

Get this look:

Try using GraphiteTinsel or a light dusting of Onyx Eye Color on the eyes. A shade like Rose Clay or even a light application of Sandy Beach Sheer Lipstick will achieve the romantic nude lip. You’re runway ready with this hard-and-soft contrasted look!

— Reiva Cruze

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