Celebrity Make-Up Review and How-To: the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards

The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards

The 2011 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles yesterday evening proved the classics, new age, country, pop and soul can all live in harmony for music’s biggest night. The red carpet was studded with individuality and class. There was however, a giant egg-like encasement carried by gold-leotard-wearing, half-naked men. This of course was Lady Gaga making her grand entrance. She did not emerge from the egg until she finally hatched on stage for her performance of the newly released and oh-so-GAGA song, “Born This Way.”

Madonna has obviously been a huge inspiration for pop lovers over the last 25 years and that has definitely been the case for Lady Gaga. Although her new hit has a taste of Madonna’s “Express Yourself,” it was mostly Ms. Gaga and her incredible talent and ability that made you want to dance. The “queen” (leaving out the “drag”) look she went for with her make-up, hair and style was the usual over-the-top doll glam we’re used to seeing her in. Although it seems she’s ditched the shoulder pad blazers and dresses and brought in actual pointed shoulder implants in their place. I couldn’t tell if it was an exceptionally well done pointed prosthetic on each shoulder blade, or an insert held in place by a nylon sleeve. In either case, it was brilliant.

Lady Gaga won Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for “Bad Romance,” however she wasn’t the only ‘Lady’ taking home all the gold. Country sensation Lady Antebellum had six nominations and collected five awards, including Record of the Year and Song of the Year for their megahit “Need You Now.” Last night’s line-up included performances by the ever popular and never aging music artists, Barbara Streisand, Mic Jagger and Bob Dylan, and there was a special musical tribute to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. The night was filled with incredible talent, style and beauty. The Grammys are always my favorite awards to watch as the performances, style choices and make-up techniques are never dull.

Get this look:

I felt the theme throughout last night’s Grammys were defined brows, classic, thick black eyeliner and matte, bold lip color.

For distinct and defined brows, use the #210 Angle Liner Brush with Espresso Eye Color and with an easy flicking of the wrist, apply to the brows using hair like strokes in the same direction of the hairs. This will create fuller, more defined eye brows. Using the Black Cake Eyeliner and the #100 Round Liner Brush, dampen your tool and then pick up desired amount of product to apply along the upper lash line. Go as thick as you like with this. Last night proved that ‘90s eyeliner is BACK! Tip: wing out the ends just a bit – this will look flattering and complement the shape of your eye. And lastly, for lips use Blackberry Satin Lipstick. This luscious color will emphasize and draw attention to your lips. The color is perfect for this time of year and looks great with nearly every skin tone.

— Reiva Cruze

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