Beyonce Video Phone Make-Up Tutorial Part 2: Eyes, Cheeks, and Lips

Full application of a Beyonce inspired Video Phone make-up

In her recent Video Phone video, Beyoncé features a dramatic yet beautiful look for the first sequence, with dark, metallic eyes framed with angled eyebrows. In Part 1, I showed you how to achieve a flawless, even complexion. Now, I’m going to show you how to complete this look by applying make-up to the eyes, cheeks and lips.

Preparing the Brows
For this particular look, I am going to show you how to block out half of each eyebrow from the arch peak to the outer area of the brows to create a “Spock-like” appearance. Cut a triangle out of card stock or a thin piece of cardboard as a guide for a sharp line on the outer corner of the eyes. The triangle should have about a 3 1/2″ flat surface on one side. Use a generous amount of Shell Loose Powder directly under the eyes to catch any fall out from the Eye Color. The powder will also act as a highlight on the cheekbones after the eye treatment is complete.

Get This Look:

Eyes: For Beyoncé’s dramatic eye treatment, load the #330 Brush with the Blue shade from the Character Palette #2. Use a soft tapping motion and stipple the color in the inner corners of both lids to about half way across. Use the triangle guide to create a dramatic sharp angled line on the outer corners with the #320 Brush and the Black shade from the Character Palette #2. Lightly stipple Tinsel Eye Color onto the Blue, working the powder into the cream with the #330 Brush; on the outer edges of the Tinsel Eye Color, reinforce the Blue with the #330 Brush. Using the same brush, pat Midnight Eye Color on top of the Blue; softly blend the Midnight from the outer corners into the Tinsel to create a soft edge, just shy from the center of the lid. To create a “cat-like” shape, LIGHTLY load the #800 Brush with the Black and stipple the color along the guided line on the outer corners; blend into the Midnight Eye Color. At this point, the darkest area should be on the outer corners. Use your guide for placement for the eyebrows with the contour cream color (previously used for the full coverage application) and the #410 Brush. Make sure that the color is consistent throughout the eyebrows and fill in where necessary. For depth on the eyebrows, add a touch of the Black. On the outer corners, apply half lashes into the lash line with Duo Lash Adhesive. Activate Black Cake Eyeliner with a mist of water and create a slurry of color with the #100 Brush. Apply a straight liner on both upper and lower lash lines for definition. To finish off this look, apply a generous coat of the Volumizing Mascara with the #500 Brush, starting from the root and working the mascara to the tips of the lashes and blending the natural and false lashes together.

Cheeks: Lightly sweep off the Shell Loose Powder that was placed under the eyes. Load one side of the #710 Brush with Garnet Cheek Color. Apply the color parallel to the cheek contour with a light tapping motion. To blend, use the other side of the brush to create soft, natural edges.

Lips: In corrective or natural makeup applications, we typically blend our lipsticks and glosses into the lip liners. However, in this particular look we want to maintain a harder edge. To get this look, start by defining the lips with the Vintage Eye Pencil, which has a purple undertone that is similar to the color in the video. To tie this look together, finish by applying Bare Lip Glaze with the #930 Brush. To maintain the hard edge, do not blend the Lip Glaze into the Lip Pencil.

— Jacqueline Mgido

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