Angeline Jolie as Evelyn Salt: How to Get the Make-Up Look from the Movie

Angelina Jolie as Evelyn Salt

In the spy thriller Salt starring the ever stunning Angelina Jolie, we see that she gets quite the workout. She jumps from an overpass onto a moving vehicle, repels down an elevator shaft (without a rope), and even manages to use a syringe to draw a paralyzing venom from a disgusting spider the size of a fist. And she does all this while still managing to look as only Angelina could… drop dead gorgeous!

Both a blonde and a brunette she is able to make her chameleon-like features even more irresistible. Her make-up is soft and simple, which is the exact opposite of her death-defying character. Angelina’s skin appears so clean and healthy, even throughout her stunt devil antics and blood, sweat, and tears. Paired with a nude lip and soft black eyeliner, Evelyn Salt tries to blend in… but Angelina’s look does anything but.

To achieve Angelina Jolie/Evelyn Salt’s look:

Face: Apply MUD Cream Foundation onto entire face using the #940 Brush, blending into the skin in circular motions. Set the foundation with Loose Powder in either Shell or Buttercream.

Cheeks: Using the #700 Brush, apply Endless Summer Bronzer along the cheekbone to define and contour the face. This should also be applied around the forehead and jaw line – sweeping the perimeter of the face with this darker color will help in contouring the overall face evenly.

Eyes: Apply Apricot Eye Color over entire lid using the #800 Brush. Place a bit of Taupe or Canyon Eye Color in the crease using the same brush and blending outwards in a small, circular motion. To softly define the eyes, use the #210 Brush to apply Onyx Eye Color as close to the lash line as possible. Line the upper lid and slightly wing out the liner on both outer corners. Do the same to the lower lash line using Espresso or Taupe to soften the appearance of the eye. Finish the eyes use a modest amount of Cream Mascara applied with the #500 Brush.

Lips: Apply Sandy Beach Lipstick with a small amount of Bare Lip Glaze to achieve this soft, nude lip that Evelyn Salt pulls off so well!

— Reiva Cruze

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