Make-Up at the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards: January Jone’s Look

January Jones

At the Emmy Awards this past Sunday, I saw so much navy blue on the red carpet I would have thought we were closer to January than September! And the side-shoulder, ethereal gowns were everywhere. Everyone just dazzled! So much classic taste and all around elegance distracted me from who was actually winning an award. Jane Lynch looked simply marvelous in the tight purple taffeta little number that just must have won her an Emmy for Glee. Toni Collette just looked radiant in a Valentino grey strapless gown. Her hair was perfectly primped and her makeup, flawless.

My favorite look of the night, however, was Miss January Jones. I was just in awe of her altogether. She wore black stilettos paired with a vibrantly robust Versace strapless blue gown with fantastic Madonna-like detail around the chest area. I couldn’t help but want to vogue right there in my living room! Her hair was soft and down, just grazing her shoulders. Her make-up was done beautifully. She had the complexion of a porcelain doll without any shine whatsoever. Her understated 1950’s eyeliner added to the dress’s bold statement, while accompanying the hair style in softening the entire ensemble.

To get January’s look:

Apply Loose Powder in Buttercream or Desert to prevent any visible shine in the hot sun or in the spotlight on the red carpet. Apply Endless Summer Bronzer to achieve that end-of-summer glow. The #710 Brush will allow you to apply Bronzer along the cheek bones, jaw line, and forehead areas. Apply just a touch of Rose Petal Cheek Color to the apples of the cheeks for warmth. January’s winged-out eyeliner is perfect and can be recreated applying the Black Cake Eyeliner with the #100 Brush. Make sure it is as even as possible when winging out the ends. Finish with two luscious coats of Volumnizing Mascara and for the lips, apply a soft pink color. I recommend Pink Twinkle Lipstick mixed with Shine Lip Gloss.

— Reiva Cruze

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