Katy Perry’s Make-Up: “California Gurls” Video

Katy Perry

If you somehow haven’t heard Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” track featuring Snoop Dogg, well, then you’ve been living on another planet! Next to Usher’s “OMG,” she has dominated the airwaves with this catchy west coast anthem. Hearing the song is one thing, however viewing the visual journey of her video spits you out into her candy land. She spends quite a lot of time laid out on a pink cloud in the sky, which looks like a huge puff of cotton candy.

Her colorful wigs, explosive glitter, and 4-inch stilettos set the tone as a fun-filled wonderland of sweets and girlish pop. Her daisy duke lyrics and whip cream bikini top show off Miss Perry’s outlandish creative vision… and her eyeliner couldn’t be better! Her make-up rocks all the way around, and here are my three favorite elements to her “California Gurls” look and how to replicate them:

1. Eyeliner. An application of Black Cake Eyeliner will give you Katy’s soft yet, precise liner.

2. Shimmer. Shimmer. Shimmer. Her cheeks are loaded with a beautiful shimmering highlight. To create this look, I use Honeysuckle Eye Color applied with my #710 Brush. Just dip the brush into the shadow and sweep softly over the cheekbones to create Katy’s glowing highlight.

3. Lipstick. Her lips are my personal favorite. She changes her lip color a few times throughout the video, but the glossy, colorful theme is consistent. Try using Pink Twinkle or Mai Tai Lipstick with Shine Lip Gloss on top. And even if you are not a California girl… you’ll sure look like one!


— Reiva Cruze

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