How to Get Sade’s Look from Ebony Magazine


Sade is always classic and beautiful with her make-up choices. In a recent issue of Ebony magazine, she was featured on the cover with yet another sexy, timeless look. I recently replicated this look for my friend Libbey, who has a similar skin tone to Sade’s. Here are the steps for you to recreate it for yourself it at home!

Face: I applied an even coat of Face Primer to prep Libbey’s face before the base. Then, a sheer application of YG3 Cream Foundation and Face Primer was used to even out her skin tone. I started at the top of the forehead with the #940 Foundation Brush and worked my way down to the neck. I mixed a small amount of the Deep Brown Corrector into the base to neutralize the discoloration under her eyes and around the jaw area. I used the #940 Foundation Brush to apply DW5 Cream Foundation to create dimension and warmth around the perimeter of Libbey’s face, and to contour her cheekbones and chisel her nose. To set the make-up, I used the #510 Duster Brush to dust a small amount of Buttercream Loose Powder.

Eyes: Sade’s eyebrows are pretty full and have a curved arch; Libbey’s eyebrows are pretty thin and are very angular. To round them out, I loaded my #210 Angle Liner Brush with Black Eye Pencil and lightly brushed the color on using small strokes to shape the brows. Next, I added Bone Eye Color with the #350 Shadow Blender Brush for a highlight directly under the eyebrows using a stippling or tapping method. I used the same #350 Brush and the same stippling method to apply Apricot Eye Color on the entire lid. For the crease, I used Taupe Eye Color and turned the #350 Brush on its side for precise placement, while lightly blending the shadow into the highlight using an upward motion. To create a softer edge, I used the #800 Crease Brush to blend. For definition, I used the Black Cake Eyeliner applied with the #100 Round Liner Brush to create a glamorous eyeliner. I misted water onto my palette and dipped my eyeliner brush into the water, then into the Cake Eyeliner to make slurry. I started in the inner corner of Libbey’s eye while she looked down in the opposite direction, dragging the brush to the center of the lash line. I flipped the direction of the brush from the outer corner, making sure my wing had a slight lift on the outer corner. Using the same method, I met the line in the middle of the eye. To finish the eye treatment, I applied half lashes to the outer corner of Libbey’s eyes and coated her lashes with Volumizing Mascara with the #500 Mascara Brush. I started from the base of the lashes and worked my way to the tips.

Lips: To match Sade’s lip shape, I had to over draw Libbey’s cupids bow to round her top lip out with the Brick Lip Pencil. I chose to blend two lipsticks to get the precise color Sade had on the cover of Ebony Magazine. I used a blend of Mai Tai and Rustic Lipsticks applied with the #310 Lip Brush.


— Sean Conklin

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