Teen Choice Awards Make-Up

Teen Choice Awards

At the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California, the annual Teen Choice Awards show honors the year’s biggest achievements in fashion, television, movies, music, and more, with winners selected by teens ages 13-19. This year’s hosts, including master of wardrobe changes and California girl Katy Perry and the male stars of Glee, award each winner with an authentic surfboard.

For the make-up, the trends focused on youthful and dewy skin, clean and dramatic eyes, natural pinched cheeks, and glossy nude lips. Whether you’re a cheerleader, hippie, geek, or prom queen, we’ve got an award winning make-up look for you!

Get this look:

Face: Apply a mixture of Cream Foundation and Face Primer on the entire face with the#940 Brush. Use a light dusting of Loose Powder applied with the #510 Brush on the T-zone (forehead and nose) and the top and lower lids of the eye area. Leave the cheeks un-powdered. Buff the streaks with a MUD Professional Make-up Sponge if necessary.

Eyes: For perfectly full and well-shaped eyebrows, fill in the holes with the Taupe or Espresso Eye Color and the #210 Brush. Keep them as balanced and uniformed as possible. For a soft highlight under the eyebrow, use the #320 Brush to apply Bone Eye Color, blending from the eyebrow to the crease of the eye. For a dramatic shimmer on the lid, use a blend of Dulce de Leche and Honeysuckle Eye Color and a shorter bristle brush, such as the #350. Apply Canyon Eye Color with the #800 Brush, starting at the outer corners of the eyes and using a windshield wiper motion to play up the contour of the eye. Blend up and out to soften the edges. On the outer corner of the eyes, create a V-shape with the Graphite Eye Color and the #350 Brush. Start from the outer corner and blend inward, tapering as you move toward the inner corners of the eyes. Using the #350 Brush, apply Graphite Eye Color to create a drop shadow on the bottom lid. Start from the outer corner of the lower lid and taper the drop shadow as you walk the brush to the inner corners of the eyes. For definition, apply Black Cake Eyeliner with the #100 Brush as a straight liner, just hugging the lash line on the top lid. To finish this eye treatment, apply a coat of Volumizing Mascara. And for that extra kick, add 747M Strip Lashes. Apply the Duo Eyelash Adhesive on the plastic strip, wait 20 seconds, and apply. Start from the inner corner of the lash line and work your way to the outer corners. Brush your lashes with a final coat of Volumizing Mascara.

Cheeks: To recreate that natural pinched look on the apples of your cheeks, try applying Color Creme in Sweet Cheeks or Tulip with a #940 Brush, a MUD Professional Make-up Sponge, or your fingertips. Remember to build your product – a little goes a long way.

Lips: To create perfect nude lips, try the Natural Lip Pencil paired with Bare Lip Glaze. If you love pink, try the Cupid Lip Glaze. Another great alternate is the Maple Lip Pencil with Cantaloupe Lip Glaze.

— Sean Conklin

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