How to Get Rihanna’s Make-Up Looks From the “Hard” Video


If you’re looking for a fashion icon – look no further! Rihanna is one of our most fashionable celebrities… “That Rihanna reign won’t let up!” I revisited her award-winning “Hard” video and realized that she rocked eight different looks. Each one is hot… “Yup you know this.” Here’s how to get a few “Hard” looks.

In the beginning of the video, while wearing a military helmet and a nude colored top with pasties, Rihanna is tougher than a lion in a smoky eye and a red lip. 

Get this look:

Eyes: Stipple Spanish Gold Eye Color with the #350 Brush on the entire lid; turn the brush sideways and walk the tip of the brush from the outer corner of the lower lid across the lower lash line to the inner corner of the eye. To smoke out that angry bat wing with Onyx Eye Color applied with the #800 Brush and blend in a back-and-forth motion. Next, carry the Onyx up and out to the outer corner of the eyebrow. On the lower lash line, apply Onyx with the #800 Brush about a third of the way across the lower lash line. Top off with a coat of Volumizing Mascara.

Lips: For striking red lips, use the Red Lip PencilLadybug Lipstick and a coat of the Cupid Lip Glaze.

“No fear!” On the battlefield in her warrior make-up and black spiked dress, her runway never looked so clear in her military couture. Here’s how to “get your fly on…”

Get this look:

Eyes: For a highlight on the brow bone, apply the Honeysuckle Eye Color, starting from the inner corner of the eye above the crease and sweeping across the brow bone. Carry the Honeysuckle horizontally into the hairline with the #330 Brush. Next, use the Black Eye Pencil to draw the shape of Rihanna’s warrior make-up. Start with horizontal lines from the inner corners of the top lids above the tear duct and continue the lines to about a ¼” from the hairline near the temples. Then, draw the bottom lines ¼” in from the tear ducts to the end of the irises and stop. To round out the line, drag the pencil downward to create a hook shape on each eye. The end of the line should point to the outer corners of the mouth. Connect the lines in the inner corners of each eye and the outer corners of each eye. Next, use the Black Eye Pencil to color the upper and lower waterlines. On the top and the lower lids, use the Black Cake Eyeliner with the #330 Brush. Fill in all other areas with Black Character make-up with the #330 Brush. For sharper points, use the #210 Brush. Lightly powder the Black Character make-up with the Zero Loose Powder applied with the #510 Brush. Finish with a coat of Cream Mascara.

Cheeks: To create contrast and highlight, use Honeysuckle Eye Color applied with the #700 Brush on a dramatic angle. Follow the line created by the black warrior eye make-up from the hair line to the apples of the cheeks.

Lips: To get a glossy nude lip, use Sandy Beach Lipstick with Iced Latte Lip Gloss.

“And she wants it all,” riding a pink military tank while wearing Mickey ears. The eyes, the cheeks, the lips, the look… “Run up on her like that!” Yeah… so, I think I gotta let ya’ know…

Get this look:

Eyes: For a highlight on the brow bone apply Honeysuckle Eye Color with the #320 Brush. Starting from the outer corners of the eyes, apply Graphite Eye Color with the #800 Brush on the entire top lid and blend into the crease for a soft edge. To define the eyes, use the Black Cake Eyeliner and create a fashion eyeliner that connects at the outer corners of the eyes using the #100 Brush. Color in the upper and lower waterlines of each eye with the Black Eye Pencil. For this particular look, strip lashes would be most efficient. Complete the eye treatment with a coat of Volumizing Mascara, “all on them like that!”

Lips: So “Hard,” yet so soft. To recreate Rihanna’s “brilliant, resilient” pink lips, apply the Pink Twinkle Lipstick and a couple of coats of Cupid Lip Glaze.

— Sean Conklin

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