Doing Make-Up For the 64th Annual Tony Awards

The Tony Awards

The TONYs are undoubtedly a New York legacy. All the glitz and glamour of Broadway packed themselves into the infamous Radio City Music Hall last Sunday to recognize and award the fantastic performances of those nominated for outstanding achievements in the theatre community. It is undeniable that receiving a TONY is one of the highest honors for an actor.

The red carpet was studded with classic elegance and radiant charm. Bernadette Peters and Angela Lansbury, certainly no strangers to Broadway, looked absolutely stunning in dazzling gold and vibrant red. Newer additions to the theatre community like Kate Baldwin, Lea Michele, and Scarlett Johansson, stole the show with their fresh talent and inspiring beauty. And Kristin Chenoweth, one of my favorite comical Broadway actresses, just looked fabulous!

This is now the second time a client of mine has been nominated for a TONY Award. On the night of the show, I head on over to her home to get her red-carpet-ready for her big night! Even though I was able to do the TONYs last year, the level of excitement and nervous anticipation are at an all-time high as if it were my first time all over again. That part never fades.

I arrive. She opens the door and breathes a sigh of relief. We get started right away by prepping her face with a moisturizer and Face Primer. I listen to her chat on about the famous and talented individuals she is up against in her category and I cannot help but to imagine what an extraordinary accomplishment this must feel like for her. We match her skin tone with Cream Foundation and set it with Loose Powder in Desert.

Her gown being classic black, we are able to play up her eyes with a beautiful base color on the lid in Dulce De Leche. Then I use Graphite in her crease, blending my little heart out for a very diffused smoked-out look. To warm it up, I apply a small amount of Sienna directly over the Graphite creating a softened yet still strikingly smoldering eye. Cake Eye Liner in Black gives her perfect definition to photograph beautifully while on the red carpet. To complete her eye treatment I finish off with two generous coats of Volumnizing Mascara!

For Cheeks and Lips we go bright and bold … after all, it is the Theater! She loves Poppy so we go with that cheek color applied only on the apples of her cheeks and finish her award-winning look with our NEW Lip Glaze in Cupid. At her request, I put a tube in her clutch for any needed touch-ups between the red carpet and the show.

With her hair, makeup, and gown all looking as perfect as can be, she looks brilliant. She IS brilliant!

I only hope I am lucky enough to have such gifted clients nominated next year so I am able to do it all over again!

— Reiva Cruze

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