Create Your Own Twilight Eclipse Vampire Make-Up Look: Edward Cullen / Robert Pattinson

Sean Conklin at work

With the release of Twilight Eclipse just around the corner, we thought it was time to add to our “saga” of make-up recreations! Our first Twilight recreation was for Dakota Fanning’s character Jane, who also makes an appearance in the sequel. Since then, we have had many requests to recreate a male vampire look. In the new movie due out June 30th, a string of mysterious murders hit Seattle – and who better to protect you than brooding vampire Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattinson)? So, here are some great tips to help bring out that inner vampire in you.

Get This Look:

Face: Our model Jayson has an olive undertone, which led me to choose a foundation in the same family. To pale Jayson out and to create a statuesque appearance, I used a blend of Highlight Yellow Light and Cream Foundation YG1. Our cream products will give you full coverage but for areas requiring less coverage, try dipping a Professional Make-up Sponge into our Face Primer and then into the product – this will create more slip and a much more sheer application. Buff the make-up into the skin using a back and forth motion with light pressure. For areas that need more coverage, use without mixing the Face Primer and with a stippling technique – lightly dab the loaded sponge until the desired coverage is achieved. If you apply too much base, the Sponge makes for a great eraser – turn the Sponge around onto an unused surface and simply buff the excess make-up away. This type of make-up application must be carried onto all areas of the skin that the camera sees: ears, neck, chest, and hands. Depending on your comfort, you could use the #940 Foundation Brush or a Professional Make-up Sponge for shadow in the forehead and temples, and to contour the cheeks and the jaw. To change it up for our viewers, I used a torn Sponge and a stippling technique to apply the shadows with Shading 3 from our Hightlight/Shadow Palette. I started by pronouncing the forehead bone and temples, following the natural shadow of the face. If you need to, try moving the face slightly to the left and to the right – usually the light catches the natural shadows. To give Jayson a more sinister look and to give the illusion of higher cheek bones, I stippled the shading starting near the top of his ear, following his natural cheek bone. I stopped below the outer corner of the iris and stippled downward in a slight angle. The shadow should be about ¾ of an inch away from the outer corner of the lip. Don’t forget to go back and soften your edges for a more subtle appearance. After all your cream make-up is applied, set by loading a powder puff with Zero Loose Powder.

Eyes: To achieve a tired, blood-hungry look use Taupe Eye Color with the #800 Crease Brush. Start at the inner corner of the eye and carry the color to the inner brow base. Then, cover the entire eyelid and blend upward into the brow. Make sure to reinforce the Taupe Eye Color – the darkest area should be at the outer corner of the eye and the lash line. Using the #810 Smudger Brush, add Taupe Eye Color under the eyes, connecting both eye shadow and drop shadow. Remember, this isn’t a corrective make-up so drag your brush downward to create a smoky eye – it’s okay if the eye shadow slightly droops down.

Lips: To recreate Edward’s dramatic lip color, use Eggplant Sheer Lipstick applied with the #310 Lip Brush. For a fast and easy application, load both sides of the brush. Lay the brush flat against the outer corner of the top lip and drag to the cupid’s bow, and then downward. Flip the brush and repeat on the other side of the top lip. Reload the brush, lay it on the outer corner of the bottom lip, and drag to the center. Flip the brush and repeat on the other side.

— Sean Conklin

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